Wialon took part in the Teltonika Telematics Summit in Nigeria

29 December, 2023
Elizaveta Guliaeva

On November 22, 2023, Wialon participated in the Teltonika Telematics Summit, held in Lagos, Nigeria. The Summit provided a unique opportunity for us to engage with current and potential partners in the country and dive deeper into problems relevant to them. In this blog article, we share our impressions of the event.

The idea behind the Summit

Teltonika Telematics is a popular hardware manufacturer and longstanding Wialon technology partner. The company regularly organizes telematics workshops in different countries to showcase the capabilities of their devices, explore telematics use cases, and address customers’ questions. This time, Wialon accompanied the Teltonika Telematics team on their journey to Nigeria.

Wialon, a hardware-agnostic software for GPS tracking and IoT, is compatible with over 3,200 types of devices, and many of these are developed by Teltonika. Therefore, various partners, including partners from Nigeria, work with both Teltonika and Wialon to offer fleet owners comprehensive and reliable solutions. The Summit was a valuable opportunity for all of us to come together and discuss ideas for future projects.

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Wialon as a solution to local queries

During the Summit, Wialon had a chance to demonstrate the platform’s functionality at our booth and delivered a detailed presentation on our video telematics solution during the conference. The presentation received positive feedback from the audience, reflecting the growing interest in fleet video monitoring from local fleet businesses. 

It’s worth noting that the priorities of fleet owners have evolved over the past few years. While GPS tracking was once the primary focus, this Summit indicated a substantial shift towards more complex and advanced technologies. Video monitoring is just one aspect of this broader interest in these solutions.

Additionally, discussions about fuel monitoring using Wialon were prominent. In Nigeria, diesel generators are commonly used to maintain a consistent power supply. With the escalating cost of fuel, more and more companies using generators are confronting the urgent challenge of managing fuel consumption.

For some participants, this was their first opportunity to become acquainted with Wialon and experience it in action. We’re confident that this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. 

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Olga Zhunusova
Head of the New Sales Team

Nigeria is often referred to as the land of opportunities, a label I find fitting based on its vibrant telematics market. One notable trend involves fuel control for diesel generators, a response to the country’s frequent power outages. Many households and offices have turned to diesel generators, prompting a rising demand for controlling fuel consumption due to increasing diesel costs.

Moreover, personal safety is a significant concern in Nigeria because of the common occurrences of kidnappings. In addressing this issue, the combination of Wialon with devices featuring SOS buttons or the use of the Wialon personal tracking functionality emerges as a practical solution for monitoring of individuals, both young and adult.


Aleksandr Metelitsa
Partner Success Manager

“Engaging with industry leaders and immersing ourselves in the unique culture of Nigeria made this trip truly special. What stood out was the hospitality and curiosity of the Nigerian telematics community. The numerous conversations, the exchange of ideas, and the shared passion for advancing telematics left a lasting impression on us.”

Special thanks to Teltonika Telematics for the photos provided.

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Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Wialon. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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