WiaTag returns stolen smartphones to their owners

2 May, 2019
Vera Podosinovik

Maintenance of elevators in Serbia, delivery monitoring in Kuwait, optimization of clothing manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Being geographically separated, these projects have one thing in common – WiaTag. Our partner Semacc from Costa Rica has expanded the list with another possible use of Gurtam product. It’s as simple, as it is exciting and non-standard. Read the article and find out how to prevent theft of cell phones in the mall.  

The issue

The client is a distributor and a seller of cell phones in the city of San Jose. As is usually the case, some devices are displayed in shop-windows to attract potential customers. A part of cell phones is available for in-store performance testing. The absence of a reliable and effective security system makes cell phones an easy target for thieves. The client suffers losses and can lose the business.

The issue

The solution

Gurtam partner Semacc offered to fight with thefts by installing WiaTag application on cell phones. Devices were connected to Wialon. Therefore, if anybody steals a device, the system will track its location and whereabouts of a thief.

Geofences allow the client to monitor the presence of merchandise in mall areas. When a cell phone leaves the geofence, WiaTag receives the command requesting the current location. At the same time, the system sends notification via e-mail and in a pop-up window informing operators on the theft. Then the information is transmitted to the police for further investigation.     

The results

The numbers speak for themselves: in less than six months, the security system based on WiaTag allowed to recover more than 30,000 dollars in merchandise. The client managed the main issue: he secured the business. Now he possesses the resources for tracking cell phones 24/7, determining the current location of devices and receiving notification in case of thefts. Chances to return stolen devices (if any) and find a thief are higher.

In what areas do you use WiaTag? Share your story with Gurtam community. Write to us at marketing@gurtam.com or fill up a form at my.gurtam.com.     

Vera Podosinovik
Vera Podosinovik
Vera is a copywriter and SMM manager who enjoys contributing to the Gurtam blog and informing the community of all the notable events going on at the moment through all our online channels.


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