Delivery monitoring in Kuwait: turning WiaTag simplicity into a competitive gain

9 November, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

Want to know more about Kuwait? Ask Google – your favorite search engine knows everything about the country. What it doesn’t know is how to facilitate and improve delivery services in Kuwait. We really mean it. 

Challenges from the customer

Here, Gurtam partners rise to the challenge. Keep reading to find out how Space Link uses WiaTag for delivery monitoring in the Middle East.

Challenges from the customer

Space Link provides monitoring services to Zitaat – the major ordering and delivery platform in Kuwait. The company works with international restaurants and food chains – like McDonald’s, Dip’n’Dip, and Arby's – providing not only an online platform but also delivery vehicles serving specific restaurants.  

Zitaat wants to make the platform more convenient and transparent for all the parties involved. Such intentions fully correspond to the company’s objective to keep pace with times in this rapidly changing world. The chosen name also proves it: a traditional Kuwaiti word “Zitaat” means “hurry” or “faster”.

Challenges from the customer

That way, objectives for Zitaat improvement have been set, and Space Link together with the customer could finally determine the range of tasks. 

First. Zitaat has 500+ delivery vehicles (vans, motorcycles, cars) moving non-stop 24/7. Their location and route performance have to be controlled – precisely and at all time. The main challenge is that Zitaat can’t allow time for GPS tracker re-installation and maintenance. A mechanic would have to run after a vehicle to equip it, literally. So Space Link needed to think of how to provide satellite monitoring services without GPS trackers. 

Second. Zitaat wanted to access twelve-months’ history of delivered orders with extra information on the transport used, drivers, itineraries, etc. The platform they used before Wialon didn’t allow to look into the past and retrieve this data.    

Third. It’s beyond argument that time is money. The more units you have, the more time is required to implement a new solution. In the case of Zitaat the time factor was of highest importance – 500 vehicles for two weeks.  

The main challenge for Space Link is to integrate the whole system with Zitaat Application and send data to Zitaat order management system. The integration is still proceeding – if you need any details, we can introduce you to the developers. 

Simple solution as a guarantee of success

Looking for an appropriate solution, Space Link decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to follow the well-known truth “genius lies in simplicity”. In the case of Zitaat genius lied in Wialon API and WiaTag application. By the way, Space Link tested the solution previously within a smaller project with NAPCO where they had successfully implemented WiaTag for 38 mobile devices. 

With this experience, Space Link installed WiaTag on the smartphones of delivery men and connected them to Wialon. Now, Zitaat receives Wialon-based data on drivers’ location, speed, and battery power from 500 smartphones!

Every restaurant has its own user in Wialon system. Restaurant managers and Zitaat dispatchers can see the vehicles serving their restaurants. They use Wialon mostly for online tracking, reporting, and event-based notifications. Plus, with the help of geofencing, they are able to track the presence of drivers in the specified areas of pick up and delivery.

Challenges from the customer

Moreover, they use Wialon mobile app to have a quick look at the location of certain vehicles. As restaurants operate 24/7, our tracking application simplifies control when managers are out of the office.

Results obtained

The solution offered by Space Link has appeared to be extremely successful and allowed the customer to solve all the tasks in a short period of time:

  • thanks to the simplicity of the solution, 500 vehicles were connected to Wialon within one week through driver smartphones;

  • online monitoring via Wialon Hosting allows dispatchers to control location and routes of units 24/7;

  • the solution provides access to a year-long history of orders and allows to get reports with the data required.

Space Link is now working on the integration of Wialon and Zitaat mobile app and order management system. Soon, Wialon will send live monitoring data to Zitaat platform so that their call center and clients could track the orders online. 

The case on delivery monitoring in Kuwait using WiaTag is a bright example of a simple, cost-effective, and time-saving solution for all the parties concerned. Have you implemented challenging projects using WiaTag? Share your experience with us at, and your story will appear on our blog.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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