Diesel generators monitoring in Tanzania


A large company from Africa faced a problem of monitoring and maintenance of diesel generators in remote areas of Tanzania. There were difficulties with the smooth supply of electricity. A necessity to monitor generators appeared, but it was expensive to constantly send employees there (additional money resources were needed to pay for salary, fuel, and transport). That’s why the company wanted to have a GPS tracker solution to instantly respond to the problems when they appeared.


Gurtam partner Afritrack from Africa has successfully solved this task. The following components were used to control the level of fuel, the stability of power supply, and regularity of maintenance: Wialon + Sensolator + FLS + GPS trackers.

  • FLS monitors the level of diesel fuel in tanks, at the same time different sensors control the temperature and other parameters of the generators. 
  • All the data from generators is collected in Wialon platform
  • Sensolator is a convenient panel that helps to visualize and monitor any number of sensors. Sensolator was configured in such a way that each tab serves as a dashboard for a generator. And when any malfunction arises, the dispatcher receives the notification and sends a repair team to fix it.


The company has achieved impressive results while using the solution provided by Afritrack.

Reduced expenses

The expenses and trip time to generators were reduced because now the equipment is maintained and repaired in time. There is no need to expand the staff anymore.

Power stability

This Wialon-based solution enables the customer to provide a constant supply of electricity, which not only saves money but also increases profits as the recipient of electricity is happy with the service and does not suffer losses caused by power outages.

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Company profile

Country: Tanzania
Business sphere: Stationary
Monitoring unit: Stationary units

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Wialon Hosting
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