Smart filling stations with Wialon in Ukraine


The specialists of Veltum-Zaporozhye LLC were facing certain difficulties when using the filling station located within the territory of the enterprise:

  • The filling station operator was recording the fillings in a paper logbook which was taking a good deal of time;
  • Data storage on paper is insecure;
  • The operator was making mistakes while filling in the logbook which resulted in the discrepancy between the values specified on paper and how much fuel was actually given;
  • The drivers were dumping fuel;
  • One fuel pump was out of order.


Gurtam partner, UMT, upgraded and repaired the fuel pump: added the LED control panel, keyboard for configuring this panel and specifying the fuel portion, RFID scanner, and SmartBox 5.02 GPS terminal that transfers all the info to GPS fleet monitoring system Wialon. Each driver got an RFID card. Without it, the driver won’t be able to use the pump. If the driver isn’t in the list in the device’s memory, the pump won’t work too.




Time spent on report generation decreased by 90%


Overall fuel costs reduced by 5%


Drivers’ and operators’ fuel-fraud schemes couldn’t work anymore

Costs reduced

Labor costs reduced, as well as the role of the human factor

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Company profile

Country: Ukraine
Business sphere: Stationary
Monitoring unit: Stationary units

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Wialon Hosting

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