2,100,000 Wialon units milestone: Navion from Kazakhstan

16 August, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

What do Canada, Mexico, Iraq, and Kazakhstan have in common? Each country has connected the milestone Wialon unit.

Two million units was a landmark, but not the greatest one. The first one to discover this was Navion from Kazakhstan which connected the 2 100 000th unit. Today you’ll know more about the company’s start, their most exciting deal, and how they found Gurtam.   

– Were you surprised to know you connected the 2,100,000th unit?

– Yes, we were. It was a nice surprise for us. We didn’t make it to Wialon TOP 50 Global, but we never stop growing. It was a wonderful feeling: Gurtam is rapidly developing, and we were so lucky to get the chance to leave our mark in history together with you. 

– How did you start the monitoring business?

– We had a big intention to make the transport monitoring process more transparent, keep the human factor to a minimum, reduce expenses, improve the quality of services, and take performance to the next level. Surfing the Internet, we have found tons of relevant information. First, we tried it on our acquaintances, later we established the company of our own. 

– How did you become a Gurtam partner?

– We were using another monitoring system, but at the same time, we were looking for a new product which would allow our partners to use it on all their devices. Having analyzed the market, we found Gurtam, a young and rapidly growing company, which offered the Wialon Hosting system. We tested the solution and got lots and lots of features with almost 100% server uptime.   


Oleg Petushin is getting a certificate confirming the status of a Gurtam partner in 2014

– Tell us about your most exciting project.

– The most exciting project was the one with Pobeda LLP. Pobeda is the largest agricultural enterprise of Pavlodar region (Kazakhstan) and was one of our first partners in the sphere of agriculture. When we met them for the first time, we found out they had already been using other software. As per usual, we had to deal with the partner’s general lack of trust in satellite monitoring, because they had previously received false data and were disappointed with the result.      

We agreed on a test set-up and gave them access to the cloud-based system. Then we proved that the information we promptly provided was totally reliable, and showed how easy Wialon was to use for the tasks assigned. As a result, our partner got an efficient vehicle fleet management tool, changed his opinion about telematics systems, and picked our company to work with.

– How has your business been developing since then?

– We actively do marketing all over Kazakhstan, operating in almost every town of the republic. Not only do we look for the new promotion ways, but we also constantly improve our services. 

We launch complex solutions to fulfill each and every need of our partners. We’re aiming at full automation, in order to achieve satisfaction at every stage of business management. 

– What are your future plans?

– To never stop improving. The world is constantly changing and going forward. New monitoring possibilities appear, new spheres of application are revealed. To keep up with all these changes, one should never stop learning and sharpening their skills.

Kazakhstan is one of the most promising markets for satellite monitoring implementation. The amount of Wialon units here will soon reach the number of 100,000. That’s why Navion massively invests in marketing, tests new promotion channels, and gets ready to grab a Wialon TOP 50 Global figurine at the next Telematics conference. While we’re getting ready to congratulate a company which will connect the 2,200,000th unit. And it seems to us it won’t take long.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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