KLOUDIP from Sri Lanka connects the 2,000,000th unit

23 May, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

On November 30, 2016, Wialon hit a million units. It took us only two and a half years to double the number. 

Two million units were a summit stormed by a thousand partners, five hundred hardware manufacturers, and dozens of Wialon-based software developers. And today we know the name of the company who made the first step on the top – KLOUDIP from Sri Lanka. 

We can tell much about KLOUDIP: 

But today, you’ll know more about KLOUDIP, their business, and development plans firsthand. As told by Sanjeeva Cooray, the CEO of KLOUDIP: 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

– We were amazed. Right now we have a project for 1,200 vehicles to be equipped with trackers at once. We do a lot of installations every day, and after several days, we add the units to the system in batches. That’s what happened on this very day. 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

How did you start the monitoring business in Sri Lanka?

– Ten years ago, my family had a business – a company for electronics manufacturing with the vehicles going for distribution. We were growing fast and involving more transport, which resulted in problems with managing the distribution network and controlling fleet efficiency. At first, we needed a solution to take care of our transport. 

To address the issue, we decided to create an in-house solution. There was no widespread GPS technology available, as well as competition, which allowed us to put together a good solution for the time. Our system allowed us to track assets, where they are now, where they go, and if they are wasting time. The efficiency of our fleet was growing. When we saw it in practice, we thought everybody would need such a solution.

We started introducing it to other companies, and the system immediately conquered a significant market share. There was no such technology, and when people saw it for the first time, they were impressed.  

How did you find Gurtam?

– It took us five years to understand that we needed more than simple GPS tracking, and we started searching. We needed more things to monitor, and dozens of platforms provided by Chinese manufacturers didn’t satisfy the demand. 

We were looking for something with open architecture, the platform we could use to create many other things. We tried various solutions, but we were never happy. Once on the Internet we came across Wialon and immediately felt it was something we were looking for. At once, we upgraded our largest customers, and it took us six months to migrate all units from our platform to Wialon. 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

Yasintha Vithanage, KLOUDIP's CTO, on Telematics 2018 

Tell us about your most exciting project 

– When we started with Wialon, we got Mas holdings (the large apparel manufacturer) as a client. It’s still one of our biggest customers. When we came up, they were already finalizing an agreement with some other GPS tracking service provider. They agreed to try Wialon, and in all tests, Wialon was far ahead of the competitor. And Mas holdings immediately decided to use Wialon as they were growing very fast and needed the platform that will cover their growth.

This project not only added 1,000 units to our new platform. It also gave us a big-brand client having 30+ factories and a lot of managers. And these managers started talking. Their testimonials and word of mouth became our selling point after that project. This customer boosted our growth at the time when we were very very small. 

How has your company been developing since then? 

– Since we are with Gurtam, we almost double our growth every year. We develop apps based on Wialon, which expands our complete solution. It makes working with us even more convenient. Since we are with Gurtam, we’ve never lost a client. 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?_1

KLOUDIP at Gurtam megabooth in Dubai

How did you start developing using Wialon API?

– In average, our clients save 20-30% after implementing fleet management. But they have so many specific problems – in the security, goods transportation, governmental sector, and other areas. They see how our software performs, ask if we have a specific solution for their problems, and finally trust the development of new solutions to us. 

After such a solution is successfully implemented, we realize that other customers may be willing the same and start selling our developments. We are sure that even if we develop for one company, it will soon spread to 10 more businesses. Plus, we successfully market the apps that Gurtam develops.

For some time, we’ve been working on several apps, including the 3PL Logistics solution, software for indoor positioning of people or assets, and an IoT solution to monitor sensor values. The latter two apps will be based on flespi. We mainly focus on GOFER Enterprise app for the corporate passenger transportation process. The product is high in demand and is required by more than 70% of our customers. It will bring additional revenue and will give us a significant advantage in future competition on the market. We are planning to launch it in 6 weeks. 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

Sanjeeva Cooray, KLOUDIP's CEO, on Telematics Colombo

What are your plans for the business?

– In Sri Lanka, we are doing exceptionally well. We are well recognized in the market through a word of mouth, and we are very pleased about it. Every morning we have at least one valuable client to work with. Sometimes we can get a project for 200-300 units without any marketing activities. Considering the dynamics, we are expecting the tenfold growth from current volume within the next 2 years. 

Still, we move towards marketing by preparing our social media and updating the website. Coupled with Wialon-based solutions we work on, it will bring us a very solid position on the national market. We are targeting logistics, tourism, taxi services, and we see the market of 100,000 vehicles.  

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

KLOUDIP's team at Telematics Colombo

As you are reading the story, the memorable statuette is flying from Minsk to Sri Lanka to find its heroes. And you can see them in person on TelematiX partner conference in Minsk – share the experience, discuss Wialon-based developments, and just get acquainted with the lucky guys. 

Were you surprised to become the company that connected the 2,000,000th unit?

As we used to say – it’s a small step for an integrator and a giant leap for the community. And Gurtam community makes this giant leap – first of its kind, but not last. Before we start our quest for 3,000,000 units, take your time on a special page dedicated to the event – eat some more lemons for KLOUDIP and Gurtam community, dream of the units we’ve not connected yet, and recall all the way to the summit supported by Gurtam community!   

P.S. Do you know which tracker is installed on the 2,000,000th unit? We’ll soon unveil the manufacturer, the model, and will tell you more about the company who creates the devices capable of leaving mark in the history of Wialon. Follow the blog.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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