Changes in Business Development Center

16 March, 2023
Elizaveta Guliaeva

We continue talking about crucial internal changes in the Wialon team and how they improve the work process with the partners. Earlier, we announced new approaches to delivering technical support and other services in Customer Service Center. Now, it is time for the updates in Business Development Center (BDC).

BDC is a large international department of the company, whose employees work with more than 2,400 Wialon partners around the world and know everything about their accomplishments and challenges. If you have never worked with Wialon but consider trying, then a BDC specialist will be the first to contact you and help you at all stages of interaction with the platform.

The purpose of the BDC restructuring is to strengthen one of the key areas of the company's work, namely, the growth and development of the partner community. Since February 2023, BDC has been represented by three new teams: Partner Success, New Sales, and Competence Development. Let's take a closer look at these teams and their responsibilities.

Partner Success Team (PST)

The partner community is the most vital element of our company's business model. Wialon is a leader in the telematics and IoT industry largely due to the constant development of our partners, their desire to master new niches and technologies and quickly adapt to market changes. We understand how challenging it is, so Partner Success Team will accompany our partners at every step and help them make the right decisions.

The team takes care of already existing partners. Earlier, the department managers were engaged in new sales and developing relationships with current partners. Now, these functions will be divided between Partner Success Team and New Sales Team.

Partner Success Team is focused on building long-term and trusting relationships with the partner community. It includes constant communications on operational tasks and individual consultancy on various issues, including customer acquisition and entering new markets. And that is not all.

The PST manager will share industry news in emails and partner chats, invite you to industry events, and help you find the right partner for a joint project. All the work-related tasks of the partners, even the most complex ones, will be solved easier in this atmosphere of cooperation, mutual assistance, and support.

There are three separate teams in the PST to work with the largest partner segments that speak English, Spanish, or Russian. French and Portuguese are also on the list of working languages. As before, each partner will have an individual manager; however, in the new structure, this specialist will be 100% dedicated to tackling partners’ issues only.


Anna Anistratova
Head of Partner Success Team

Anna Anistratova has become Head of Partner Success Team. She will establish work processes with English speaking partners from the countries of the APAC region, as well as the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and North America. Anna has been with Gurtam for over seven years, where she has been VP of BDC (APAC) since 2019 and VP of BDC (Europe) since 2021.


Tatyana Chubarova
Head of Partner Success Team

Tatyana Chubarova has become Head of Partner Success Team for Spanish speaking partners. In 2019, Tatyana joined the company as a Business Development Manager. Two years later, she became the leading manager, and then a VP of BDC in the APAC region. Tatyana has a lot of experience working with fast-growing partners, and that’s exactly what Spanish-speaking Wialon integrators from Latin America, Africa, and Europe are now.


Anton Fedosenko
Head of Partner Success Team

Anton Fedosenko took the third position of Head of Partner Success Team. He works with Russian speaking partners. In the company, Anton has grown from Business Development Manager to the positions of Regional Manager, VP of BDC in CIS countries, and VP of BDC in Central Asia.

New Sales Team (NST)

New Sales Team takes care of the Wialon sales. Any requests from potential partners to work with Wialon will be centrally processed here. The NST managers will talk in detail about the wide functionality of the platform and how it can be adapted to more specific tasks, such as challenges in agriculture, public transport, vehicle maintenance, and driving quality control. Starting to work with Wialon, companies inevitably face many questions, and New Sales Team will help solve them.

The NST team has specialists who speak English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and French. This means that future partners will receive quality service in the language that is comfortable for them.

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Olga Zhunusova
Head of New Sales Team

Olga Zhunusova has taken the Head of New Sales Team position. Olga has been working in the Wialon business development since October 2016, successfully managing regional teams in three different parts of the world: Africa, Europe, and North America. Thanks to Olga's experience in both sales and team management, New Sales Team will ensure the stable growth of the Wialon partner community.

Competence Development Team (CDT)

Competence Development Team was created to train professional managers for BDC. It monitors and evaluates the quality of the BDC employees’ work, as well as their continuous training and development.

The CDT harbors professionals with vast experience in Wialon business development. Therefore, with the CDT’s help, we can provide services that not only fully meet partner expectations but even exceed them.


Pauline Bozhuk
Head of CDT

Pauline Bozhuk has started her work as Head of CDT. Since November 2021, Pauline has been the coordinator of the Learning & Development direction: she selected the BDC employees and was engaged in their adaptation and training at the first stages. Led by Pauline, the new Competence Development Team will continue to work in this direction, taking over the whole process of training and professional development of BDC.


Denis Grebennikov
Head of Business Development Center

“New teams have already been formed and started their work. I am sure our partners will soon feel a significant improvement in the quality of the provided services and the level of practical assistance that is now available. The new structure, based not on division by region, but on the areas of activity, will allow the use of best practices from different parts of the world to help each partner. The new workflow will best contribute to the growth and development of the partner community and will bring results already this year,” comments Denis Grebennikov, Head of Business Development Center.

If you have any questions about the new structure of Business Development Center, feel free to contact us at

Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Gurtam. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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