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28 September, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

Being established in 2006 as Baltic Car Equipment (BCE), and started with the wholesale trade of automotive car security systems and accessories, it is one of the apparent providers of telematics & IoT solutions in the Baltic states for now. In 2019, Xirgo Global joined forces with Xirgo, the American manufacturer of the telematics equipment, held a rebranding, and it was the next milestone moment in its story.

Our cooperation with Xirgo Global (Lithuania) began nine years ago in the year 2011. Xirgo Technologies (USA) became our partner in 2014. That’s why the Gurtam team could not ignore such an essential event as the merging of two major companies and visited them to congratulate the new union. We wanted to do it personally and went to their office in Lithuania.  

Xirgo and Gurtam teams

Xirgo and Gurtam teams

Xirgo Global (former BCE) is a traditional visitor of the Telematics conferences and an active participant of Gurtam’s events. Xirgo is also an involved member of the Wialon community, who joined our IoT zones at MWCA twice and talked at our partner conference in the US.

Recently, we got to know the company so we can cooperate closer in the near future.

The main insights

The key information you should consider to have the right vision of the Big Deal called Xirgo Global:

  • 1,000+ business companies and governmental organizations with fleets up to 2000 vehicles;
  • 100+ successful IT projects implemented according to individual customer requirements;
  • clients in 85 different countries worldwide;
  • 90+ professionals, Xirgo Global controls every stage of its products – from initial design and manufacturing to installation and support.

About the company

Two times Xirgo participated in our IoT zone. Last year in Los Angeles, their booth was one of the most crowded throughout the three days of the show. 

Xirgo now owns BCE. The idea behind this acquisition is to expand further in Europe and enhance the control of all the elements of the solution they provide to the end customers. The acquisition of BCE is not the last one the company performed to expand even more. Xirgo already has Ossia in their group and can provide remote charging solutions used to re-charge Xirgo asset trackers. This solution is used for pallet tracking for Walmart. 

The main insightsXirgo team (source)

Products, solutions, and markets 

Xirgo’s product line is quite impressive. The company manufactures the products for:

  • powered asset locating and controlling; 
  • passenger and light-duty vehicles; 
  • remote asset tracking and cargo monitoring; 
  • low powered and remote assets; 
  • and more.

They offer flexible solutions divided between the following categories: 

  • mobile resource management;
  • aftermarket automotive solutions;
  • high-value asset management;
  • consumer solutions;
  • driver behavior monitoring and modification; 
  • commercial vehicle;
  • long haul trucking.

At Xirgo, they are focused on extending the product and solution range. And they do it successfully. Thus, their FMS500 TACHO SDK, a new tacho device, allows clients to extract up to 70 parameters from the tachograph. It gives the possibility to acquire 100% of the information that the driver sees on the tacho screen. The DDD files can also be downloaded. 

Another impressive feature of Xirgo devices is the possibility to upload up to 20 geofences directly to the device. It allows controlling the entry even without any coverage and planning different scenarios directly by the device’s SDK with the option to write own scripts and control all peripherals, including CANbus. Communication via MQTT protocol gives Xirgo Global hardware flexibility to implement even very complex systems.

FMS500 XTCAN SDK is also a device Xirgo has recently introduced. This tacho device can boast of the availability of such outstanding features as two simultaneous CAN-BUS connections, Blackbox, GLONASS support, and a built-in odometer. FMS500 XTCAN SDK supports a wide range of different devices and downloads data from the tachograph. Also, it allows receiving data not only from light vehicles but also from special equipment like agricultural machinery. Like all FMS models, it can be configured using the FMSET remote configurator and is simple to configure and operate.

The main markets for Xirgo are North America, the Middle East, the European Union, CIS, and Africa. 


Apart from other plans of working on the constant improvements of the equipment and services, one of the Xirgo’s long-term goals would be developing their customizable software to enhance their direct work with bigger clients and look into the expansion of the US markets possibly. 

Results of the visit

As a result of the visit, we discussed the new prospects for cooperation, learned more about the overall development strategy of Xirgo. We have a clear vision of the company’s processes, know their concerns, and wishes that will help us make better the deal we are together involved in. 

Kseniya Dolia

Kseniya Dolia

Technology Partners Community Manager

“Building a business is about more than sales numbers. Our goal is to work with all the Wialon community members, whereas the technology partners are an essential part of it. That’s why we pay constant attention to our technology partners’ needs and are always open to communication.”

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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