Wialon and hardware: top manufacturers and devices. Infographics

16 July, 2021
Anastasiya Eroho

You can work with Wialon regardless of the equipment type you use. As of today, the list of supported devices includes more than 2400 models from 650 GPS equipment manufacturers. Who are they? What equipment is the most popular? What about video monitoring? We answer these questions in the infographic dedicated to the Wialon technology partners.

Hardware infographics

Remember, the rating shows the growth dynamics of the devices connected to Wialon Hosting. Who will become the winner this year? Will Navteleсom manage to stay in the first place? We will find out the answers at the awards ceremony, which is going to take place on August 19 at 4 p.m. (UTC+3). Feel free to join the video stream. Set yourself a reminder so as not to miss the event!

In the meantime, everyone is in anticipation of the 2021 award ceremony. You can get the latest news from the Telegram channel Gurtam HW news. Information on new devices, life hacks for hardware, and the most important updates are waiting for you there.

Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.


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