Telematics Dubai 2021: an event that can be neither canceled nor postponed

17 January, 2022
Aliaksandra Makarevich

Telematics Dubai 2021 took place on October 16. Despite the pandemic, the event was held one day before GITEX Technology Week, like it always does. Some traditions are worth preserving.

The speakers revealed insights into new business opportunities and trends in telematics and IoT during the event.

We’ve tried to capture the most practical and useful information. Here is what we’ve got. 

Wialon sums up the results of the outgoing year

2021 was extremely fruitful for our company. Here are just a few facts that we’ll remember about the year:

Valeriya Zinkevich, VP of Business Development (MENA) at Wialon, talked about it in more detail. 

Our team also talked about the most prominent projects of the year. For more use cases, please check our library

We honored Location Solutions and Integrated Solutions as the brightest companies that we’ve been working in the MENA region and that ranked high in Wialon TOP 50 Global in 2021.


Valeriya Zinkevich, VP of Business Development (MENA), Wialon, Murtadha Fadhil, Integrated Solutions CEO, and Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon

What 2022 holds for the MENA telematics market 

During the Telematic Dubai event, the speakers frequently mentioned common ideas. Here is a brief recap of the generally acknowledged trends that experts focus on in the strategic planning for 2022. 

Responding to the pandemic

Experts are almost unanimous that a boom of disinfection solutions, related solutions that automate traditionally manual services, and on-demand mobility services won’t fade away. This category includes any project that helps keep a safe distance and protects people against the infection. 

Focus on global safety

While Pandemic was the word of the year in 2020, this year, in our opinion, such a word will be Safety. Customers and companies are willing to take additional safety measures on several levels.

That’s why we expect a growing number of projects built around this idea. Be it a solution that automatically ensures compliance with technical requirements or a smart system preventing hijacking on the road, safety, and extra control will be the best selling characteristics for a long period of time.  

No industry is too conservative or traditional for telematics

Gone are the days when telematics and IoT were associated with solving extremely technological and complex problems. This year we’ve seen some of the brightest telematics projects in traditional sectors, like agriculture and postal service. 

Here is how the speaker describes a prominent use case about apple orchards where Wialon helped digitalize better fruit picking and increase apple harvest by 25%.  

Africa as the world's next big growth market

At the event, we spotlighted opportunities for business in the region and strategies to achieve success on it. For example, we talked about oil transport monitoring and how Wialon, BICS, and Tazi 360 joined forces to streamline the project. 

Broader implementation of AI in telematics projects

Artificial Intelligence has a wide array of potential use cases in telematics and fleet management. It can provide, among others, better driver behavior analytics and stronger protection from theft and unauthorized use

Next year, AI functionality development will be one of Wialon’s priority work directions. We are sure that it’s a crucial element of GPS tracking that can accelerate multiple industries and help our partners and their clients achieve even greater results.  

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From the oil sector to public transportation: Wialon partners talking about 2022

The event helped us reunite with software developers, telematics service providers, and hardware manufacturers. Together, we discussed telematics trends and shared insights. Here is a brief recap of what we worked on at the event. 

What is in store for telematics service providers 

Integrated Solutions, MaliaTec, and InBound talked about oil product distribution, logistics digitalization fueled by e-сommerce, and the impact of COVID-19 on mobility in the MENA region. However, their projects and ideas can be relevant for the rest of the world as well.

Raafat Salih Muhammad from Integrated Solutions elaborated on the integrator’s project with the Ministry of oil. The solution is a brilliant example of managing and promoting a state-level project. It monitors route adherence, detects fuel smuggling, and communicates with external partners. The pilot project has proved to be so successful that now the client is planning to connect 25,000 units to it. 

The next project was presented by Mario Ak from MaliaTec. The pandemic-induced boom in e-сommerce is setting new logistics and delivery services requirements. MaliaTec offers its way to handle a growing number of online orders: specialized order reception tools, digital warehouse management, and better delivery control provided by Wialon, Logistics, and Fleetrun. 

Walied Albasheer from InBound talked about mobility in the post-pandemic world. The story would be interesting for public transport carriers and delivery services as it explains the ongoing changes in the sector and provides ways to adapt to them. His predictions include autonomous last-mile delivery droids and robots; growing interest in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model; changes to the public transportation sector in order to restore passengers’ trust. 

Solutions from hardware and connectivity manufacturers for 2022 

Katarina Cipakova from Sygic talked about the manufacturer’s navigation products for professional drivers. In particular, Katarina mentioned their partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company and Transport Authority. The client’s pre-requirements included an accurate driving behavior evaluation. Tune in to learn more about the logic behind the delivered solution. 

Timur Almaev from Escort shared how their telematics sensors and new BLE systems helped their client from the construction industry reduce fuel costs by 25%.

Maksim Reviakin from Galileosky described their new CAN tools and how they were used in the most recent cases. Their latest solutions help retrieve data from two CAN buses simultaneously, process it from any vehicle type, and automatically record its changing parameters. Increased location accuracy and up to 70% less idling are some of the results of the system’s integration. 

The BICS telecom service provider presented their recent global achievements (we were impressed by the 5 billion mobile subscribers threshold hit by the provider). Cédric Eloy, Business Development Manager, talked about their SIM and eSIM-based connectivity solutions used in oil transport monitoring in Africa. BICS joined Wialon and Tazi 360 for better fuel theft control in remote areas with an unstable or poor signal. The client saves up to $45,000 per month due to reduced fuel consumption. 

AI and video were the two buzzwords in telematics in 2021. Mohan Agarwal, Managing Director from BGT Ventures General Trading LLC, an authorized Howen distributor, talked about a new Howen AI MDVR model and its integration with the Wialon video module and provided some practical use cases. The result – a 30% decrease in operating expenses and improved driver behavior – would motivate those who still hesitate whether they need video monitoring solutions in their work. 

The speaker closing the section was Milan Suletic from Xirgo. He announced their most recent solutions and expected product launches. Check the video for first-hand information about tire pressure monitoring devices and advanced radar solutions.

Anytime you’d like to check the information presented by the speakers, the presentation files will be accessible in

Heated discussions, interesting observations, and funny remarks – this is how we spent the day. It was warm, friendly, and extra valuable. We thank all those who participated in the event!


«‎Did you know that 30% of the world’s cranes are located in the UAE? The same goes for logistics companies and the transportation industry, car renting, delivery services. The MENA market is huge and versatile. And I’m sure that we have all the chances to broaden our presence there!»

The cherry on top: how to speak about your expertise in 2022?

Here are some pieces of advice from Anastasia Eroho, Head of Marketing at Wialon.

  • Make sure you don’t skip expert competitions – social proof is vital. 
  • A virtual relationship is a new normal: video, online communication, etc. Use different channels to stay available. 
  • Share your expertise in any possible way to win the trust and promote yourself as a professional.
  • Personality above all! Let your business have a human face.
  • Safety and reliability are the values most in demand today. Do you know how to ensure them? Communicate it to your clients!


Telematics Dubai 2021 happened despite all odds. We managed to meet, talk, and discuss things that matter to each of us. Let us say thank you again to all the participants and panelists! 

No one knows what 2022 will be like. But one thing is clear: we’ll be waiting for you in Dubai, just one day prior to GITEX. Some things never change, even in the most turbulent times. 

Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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