Big in Latin America. Gurtam partner conference in Mexico

16 May, 2019
Anastasiya Eroho

180 – the exact number of guests on the fourth Gurtam partner conference in Mexico City. Every other year we beat a new attendance record, and it should be like this in Latin America – the second largest market for Gurtam and Wialon. Today discussing telematics as told by partners, hardware manufacturers, and software developers, and trying to understand why we had to call a bandmaster. 

Gurtam news

Gurtam news

Ricardo Sandor, VP of Business Development, opened the conference. Alexander Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division, also welcomed the guests with a speech focused on the strategic importance of the region. Within the last year, partners in Latin America connected 195,000 units! 

Sergey Leuchanka, Business Development Director for the Americas, discussed Gurtam partner policy and identified four rules: 

  1. Gurtam doesn’t work with end-users no matter their type and size. We never directly compete with our partners. 
  2. Gurtam builds a global telematics community of reliable service providers. One can become a direct partner only after connecting 100 at once. Others can become dealers of our partners – everybody will get a bit of Wialon. 
  3. Collaborations between partners. Gurtam won’t do business with partners’ dealers directly unless a partner asks us. Firstly, we sign the corresponding agreement. Secondly, we check every request thoroughly to make sure we didn’t take in a partner’s dealer considering all the efforts you’ve made to get him.  
  4. No competition for end-users. Instead of poaching the clients of our current partners, one should concentrate on the users of other platforms and businesses that are not yet connected.  

Kwok Wing Cheung, Technical Account Manager, recalled the most significant events in Gurtam community for the past year. Watch the video and check Updates section of our blog for details.   

Competent and prompt technical support is one of the unique selling points for Gurtam. Dmitry Ahei, a Support Engineer, told about how we render technical assistance 24/7 and why we are the best.  

Gurtam news

Account Manager Anastasiya Ignatovich presented Fleetrun for maintenance management – the most awaited solution of 2018. The speech appeared to be a virtual tour of the application: here’s a handy Dashboard on the fleet maintenance processes (active and in-service vehicles; due, overdue, and in-progress services; total and per 1 km maintenance costs), now let’s proceed to extended unit information, and view how Services and Intervals are managed. That’s why it becomes the best value proposition for fleets of up to 50 vehicles. 

Gurtam has been implementing IoT projects throughout Latin America for several years. Carlos Rodrigues and Suellen Paz, VPs of Business Development elaborated on the most compelling cases. How solutions by Gurtam help to return stolen smartphones in Costa Rica, saves forests in Bogota, and prevent grain thefts? A piece of cake, as evidenced by our partner.     Gurtam news

Anastasiya Eroho, the Head of Marketing Department, told about partners’ promotion drawing parallels with the Russian market:

  • Marketing-mix there is dominated by cold-calling and digital marketing, including SEO and context advertising;
  • 25 % of the companies leave marketing to secretaries and other administrative employees (partners from Latin America tell that their situation is the same); 
  • SMM becomes the fastest growing marketing channel for business promotion – according to Hootsuite, the global level of social networks penetration is 45%, with 49% in Russia and 67% in Mexico.

The final report from Gurtam was dedicated to Nelson Rojas, Account Manager, explained why we call the it “CRM for Gurtam partners” more and more often.  

Before lunch, we had a real challenge (surprisingly, it was not about 2 lemons on Wialon) – to gather everyone for a group photo. The hall of Geneve hotel was bursting at the seams, and the photographer turned into a bandmaster. 

Partners news

On Telematics Mexico 2019, partners and hardware manufacturers – the participants of megabooth at Expo Seguridad – shared their experience and latest achievements:

Orlando Monagas from GoldenM presented TOP 5 Wialon-based developments for Gurtam partners, including the proven Gooffice, the new Elucate for school buses, and Tenvio for delivery optimizations. 

Gerardo Trejo Castillo from PodM2M elaborated on the advantages of global SIM-cards. Useful for the partners dealing with international freight forwarders. 

Salvador Solís from Anytrek presented the new device – Tracklight for heavy trucks. The tracker looks and installed just like a common LED-lamp. 

Fannur Ermakov and Anna Sumarokova from Escort presented wireless fuel level sensors (saying, no wires – no problems). Later on Expo Seguridad, our colleagues from Kazan demonstrated a fully-fledged weather station connected to Wialon.   

Kseniya Dyachkova from Neomatica demonstrated the ADM product line, including wireless and compact trackers.

Fernando Pérez Castillo from Queclink demonstrated the new LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT solutions.  

Juan Miguel Samano from Dogo Informatique shared the essence of TRM system we’ve already discussed on our blog and the latest updates of the product. Besides, the visitors were hypnotized by a panel with multiple indicators brought by Miguel. It appeared to be a handy alert system based on Wialon.   

Gurtam news

Andrei Nosov from GalileoSky discussed the benefits of using their new CAN-scanner to decipher data from any onboard computer. 

Gurtam news

Gang Wei (Ricardo) from Streamax amused guests with the videos showing how their equipment detects when the driver smokes, is distracted by a mobile phone or yawns. We were as much excited when visiting Streamax in Shenzhen and invite you for a quick virtual tour.  

Gurtam news

Luis Oh from Suntech talked much about IoT and their solutions specific to the Latin American Market. ST4300 is the newest device the company is proud of most. 

Gurtam news

It was very informative, life, useful. Just as it should have been before Expo Seguridad 2019 and the first IoT pavilion by Gurtam in the region, but this is another story to be told. 

Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.


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