Telematics Mexico 2022: the long-awaited partner reunion

8 September, 2022
Alena Kashkevich

Telematics Mexico 2022 took place a day preceding Expo Seguridad Mexico, Latin America’s largest exhibition of security technologies. We hosted the partner conference after a three-year pause caused by the pandemic. 

After such a long break and dramatic events that affected and keep on affecting the world these days, the Wialon team was especially happy to meet partners from the region in person again.

Over the conference, the Wialon experts dived deep into the main events that have taken place in the community’s life in recent years and showed their effect on the further development of the platform. Partners, in turn, spoke about their companies and how Wialon helped them solve various customer problems and expand their businesses.

Telematics Mexico 2022

Wialon from 2020 to 2022: decisive steps and new prospects

Denis Grebennikov, Head of Business Development Center, Wialon, delivered an opening speech. He welcomed 175 conference participants and shared the most vivid events that the company faced during the last three years. He dwelled on Wialon’s decision to move its headquarters to Vilnius, Lithuania, to ensure the stable work of the team and the platform.

He also admitted that Mexico is an essential market for Wialon, and the plans for the platform development are closely associated with the home country of the conference. By the way, 55% of North America's 460,000 vehicles have been connected in Mexico.

Denis Grebennikov

Denis Grebennikov
Head of Business Development Center,

“Despite everything that has happened during the last few years, our partners around the world and here in Mexico did not give up and adapted to the drastically changing circumstances. They not only survived but also achieved significant growth. I’m happy that this region has shown incredible accomplishments. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and contribution. Without you, these results would not be possible.”

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, also had his word at Telematics Mexico. He spoke with gratitude to the Wialon partners. In these challenging times, they supported the company not only with kind words but also with hard work connecting more and more vehicles to the platform.

Check out the summary of presentations by the Wialon team members and partners. If you are interested in some topics, you can download the recordings of these talks on

Telematics Mexico 2022

Presentations by the Wialon team

Wialon video module and other updates
As always, we keep on working hard to develop Wialon and provide our partners with the features their clients seek for. Ezequiel Alberto Barrios, Technical Growth Manager, dwelled on the essential Wialon updates and the new video module.

A new approach to partner support
Wialon strives to do everything possible to support its partners at a high level. Andrei Liatsetski, Head of Project Implementation, disclosed the latest changes related to customer service. He described a new customer center that was created to streamline partner support.

Nikolai Melnikov, Head of Customer Service Center, also talked about this new establishment at the conference in Vilnius. 

The new Customer Service Center consists of four teams: the Partner Growth team helps partners improve their business and technical expertise; Technical Care provides 24/7 technical support in 5 languages and copes with a new ticket every 12 minutes; the Project Implementation team assists partners with translating their projects to reality; the Quality Control and Training team evaluates the whole Customer Service Center's work quality.

You can watch full Nikolai’s speech about the Customer Service Center here.

Wialon success stories from around the world
The platform's success is reinforced by the effective solutions that our partners deliver to their clients in different parts of the world. Koven Cheung, Technical Growth Manager, and Nelson Rojas, Account Manager (Mexico & Central America), spoke about some of these projects, e.g., the digitalization of hay baling monitoring in Australia or monitoring equipment in the tomato fields in Chile. In our use cases library, you can find more successful projects of all scales.

Five ways to win more bids
Apart from the new approach to partner support, Andrei Liatsetski shared recommendations on how to win bids and tenders.

Telematics Mexico 2022

Presentations by Wialon partners

Full suite IoT and tracking solutions
Ali Guillen Saer, Regional Director, Latin America, from Sensata Technologies, presented the company's flagship developments. In Mexico, the renowned hardware manufacturer and software developer demonstrated modular full-stack solutions for various business use cases, full end-to-end vehicle telematics, asset tracking solutions, truck-to-trailer pairing technology, and video devices.

Biometrics plus GPS tracking solutions
Skypatrol was the next Wialon technology partner to showcase the top-notch telematics hardware. David Moreno, VP of Sales, spoke about the company’s advanced 4G fleet and asset trackers, a tracking solution for prisoners, and facial identification technology.

Increase fleet safety and efficiency through driver control with Cipia-FS10
Driver behavior monitoring allows fleet owners to secure their vehicles and save a fortune thanks to reduced fuel consumption and prevented accidents. Rafael Danon, Regional Director, IoT Transport Division, Intcomex, presented Cipia-FS10, a state-of-the-art driver monitoring device for fleets and telematics service providers. Learn how this solution helps improve driving habits from Rafael’s report on

More than connectivity, Pod IoT
Pod Group claims to be more than just a connectivity provider. Gerardo Trejo Castillo, Director of Business Development, LATAM, explains this statement in his presentation. Gerardo also told the audience about the company’s IoT products, services’ billing platform and IoT Suite modular platform.

How to optimize and ensure safe transportation with IoT sensors
Telematics would be too one-sided without sensors. Gonzaque Venet, Sales Manager, North and Latin America, from ELA innovation, told about the company’s most remarkable temperature, door, and side panel opening detection sensors and how these devices help secure and optimize transportation.

Queclink telematics solutions increase the security of companies
Luis Alberto Orozco Peralta, LATAM Sales Director of Queclink, presented the roadmap of the company’s original products and explained how these devices help drive telematics businesses around the world. 

How ATEL can cover your tracking and security needs
Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Sales Engineer, ATEL, spoke about the ways that helped the company make significant progress during the latest years. And, of course, the conference audience had an opportunity to view a wide range of devices for security and IoT produced by ATEL.

How to save costs with EMnify cellular connectivity
Jose Martinez Torres, Customer Success Manager, EMnify, told how the company’s platform integrated with Wialon and flespi helps fleet owners never lose sight of their vehicles while operating within and across borders and how to streamline troubleshooting via access to connectivity and telematics data from the same platform.

Bugs + parasite + plan 7 = total anti-theft armor
CTTMX has prepared a perfect plan to secure vehicles from being stolen. Juan Miguel Samano, the company’s CEO, revealed the secrets of the ultimate anti-theft armor for fleets.

Solar-powered electronic lock for cargo transport
Salvador Villarreal, CEO, Tecnologias Localizadoras de México, represented TopFlyTech at the conference. He described a solar-powered e-lock developed by the company. The device helps secure cargo and meets a number of transportation challenges, from charging on the go to sending security alarms when somebody tries to take off the lock illegally.

Telematics Mexico 2022

The video recordings of the presentations will soon be available on our YouTube channel

We are very grateful to the partners who managed to attend the conference and shared their valuable experiences with the Wialon community. We’ll be happy to see you again at our upcoming events.

Please check our events calendar and sign up for our blog to learn what else is coming. 

Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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