Wialon: TOP-5 telematics use cases in 2022

5 January, 2023
Anastasiya Eroho

Even though 2022 has been rich in major political, economic, and social events in different parts of the world that hardly left any business or individual unaffected, Wialon partners kept delivering impressive telematics and IoT projects adapting to the unusual and oftentimes difficult circumstances of last year. These projects serve different industries in different countries. 

Below is the TOP-5 list of the most read IoT use cases that, on the one hand, reflect the current trends in telematics and IoT and, on the other hand, highlight the multipurpose nature of the Wialon platform.

No. 5. Driver behavior tracking in Turkey

Driver behavior monitoring for a telematics project

Filozof, a Wialon partner from Turkey, has implemented a telematics project for Nestlé Waters, a bottled water division of the famous Nestlé brand. The solution aimed at detecting dangerous driving habits to maximize driver safety, avoid potential cargo damage, and minimize fines and fuel consumption.

The solution relies on the Wialon Eco Driving reports to get the data on overspeedings, harsh acceleration, braking, turning, traffic accidents, penalties, and other metrics. Filozof, in turn, developed a custom desktop app that performs complex driving behavior analysis based on the Eco Driving data, systematizes and analyzes it. Then the app generates Driver Score Cards with a summary of driver behavior that the drivers get via email. The development index in the Driver Score Cards shows the dynamics of the driving behavior and helps understand if the driver is making efforts to improve driving quality.

Filozof provided Nestlé Waters Türkiye with a complete Wialon-based solution for driving behavior monitoring that helped reduce fines by 30%, reduce accidents by 14%, reduce overspeedings by 68%, and improve Eco Driving scores by 33%. As a result, Nestlé Waters got a more motivated and well-trained workforce, as well as ensured better goods safety and improved service level.

No. 4. Fuel tank monitoring system in South Africa

Fuel monitoring system in the IoT use case

Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire, South Africa, a company specializing in road, water pipeline, and reservoir construction services, was facing serious challenges in its fleet operations: significant fuel theft (leading to $15,700 in losses every month), management unable to keep track of company activity on the go, construction materials theft on their working sites, and more.

Tracking Africa, a Wialon partner from South Africa, provided Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire with a Wialon-based fuel theft control system that allowed to address all of the aforementioned issues. To make the solution work, all the vehicles were equipped with the GPS trackers, cameras, radio frequency backup devices, fuel level sensors. Wialon processes all the data to present the fleet stats and fuel-related data to the customer. In addition, the Wialon mobile app enables the company management to access the fuel monitoring and other GPS data at any time and place.

The fuel monitoring system deployed for Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire helps save 4,500 liters of fuel every month. Management stays in the know of everything going on in the company from the phone. The clients can follow the location of dump trucks with construction materials.

This telematics use case was among the winners of the IoT project of the year 2022 contest in the Construction and demolition nomination.

No. 3. IoT based farming solution in Israel

IoT use case in agriculture

FarmManager, an Israeli IoT farming startup that provides full-cycle crop control, helps increase profitability, and ensures compliance with food safety standards needed to connect their IoT-based farming app to a GPS tracking platform to collect and analyze the data from devices installed on tractors and agricultural machinery.

Ananas Global, a Wialon partner from the Middle East, offered Wialon to collect data from trackers. The arguments in favor of Wialon were: reliable API, professional support, and clear documentation. They also helped pick the right GPS tracker to accurately monitor slow-moving vehicles — most devices on the market did not consider the tractor speed as movement, but Queclink GL320 coped with this task perfectly.

As a result, FarmManager now ensures automatic logging of daily operations in the field, tracks employees, subcontractors, and machinery during working hours, reduces costs of implementation activities, and more. In addition, the solution for this particular telematics project works with global SIM cards and is ready for use worldwide.

This telematics use case was among the winners of the IoT project of the year 2022 contest in the Agriculture nomination.

No. 2. Fuel theft prevention in Europe

Telematics use case about fuel control

A transportation company from Estonia shipping goods across Europe was not satisfied with their fuel theft prevention system. Actually, it didn’t prevent theft since the thieves could still drill a hole in the fuel tank and the company incurred losses both from the stolen fuel and the tank repairs.

CarCops OÜ, a Wialon partner from Estonia, created a simple yet efficient fuel theft prevention solution specifically for this client. Thetrucks were equipped with infrared motion sensors that create an invisible curtain guard right in front of the fuel tank as well as an alarm module with a siren. The sensors report events via the GPS tracker to Wialon. When someone comes close to the tank and the alarm goes off, Wialon sends a mobile notification to the driver and the logistics operator so that they can quickly react. Moreover, the sound of the siren itself scares the criminals away.

With the implementation of the above solution the fuel thefts were eliminated whatsoever. 

This telematics use case was among the participants of the IoT project of the year 2022 contest in the Long-haul shipping nomination.

No. 1. Cold chain logistics management in UAE

Fleet management use case in last mile delivery

Transcorp International, required better visibility into its fleet to improve efficiency of fuel control, maintenance works, routing, temperature control, and more. Being a leading provider of cold chain IoT solutions across the UAE, operating a fleet of 252 vehicles, and performing 15,000+ deliveries daily, Transcorp needed a complete overhaul of its operations to effectively compete on the market. 

MaliaTec, a Wialon partner from Lebanon, was hired to implement this complex optimization project. MaliaTec used Wialon at its fullest, including maintenance management, logistics, video telematics modules, and many more. Also, MaliaTec paired its proprietary MaliaTrack route optimization solution with Wialon to improve Transcorp’s cold chain logistics management. Sensolator was also employed extensively to automate tracking and management of fuel consumption, monitor accurate temperature and humidity for deliveries, share delivery status, etc. Video telematics and Eco Driving features help track, assess and improve driver behavior.

The effect of the implemented project was impressive – average success ratio of 98.2% for guaranteed next day deliveries, optimized waiting time, 6.2% reduction in kilometers traveled (and associated reduction in fuel expenses), and 4% reduction in delivery time. These enhancements consequently brought Transcorp to the confident market leadership in the region.

This fleet management use case was among the winners of the IoT project of the year 2022 contest in the Cold chain transportation nomination.

If you enjoyed our TOP-5 telematics use cases, you are welcome to find more Wialon-based projects in our use cases library and blog.

Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.


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