Updates: what’s new in May 2020

10 June, 2020
Olga Voytikhovich

The system update in May centered around the server part and remained unnoticed for ordinary users. At the same time, flagship apps NimBus, Hecterra, and the Wialon app for iOS and Android obtained new functions. Which ones? Read on to know.


Dashboard redesign

We redid the Dashboard page, and now the users can click on each block and get to the corresponding block of the target page instead of the entire page (Rides, Online, Stops, Routes).

After leaving the Dashboard, the selected filters on the target page are applied. They make it easy to spot the issue right away. For example, you can get straight to the no-show rides or rides that are behind schedule.

Dashboard redesign

Filters on the Online page 

On the Online page, we added five filters of the linear routes and their rides:

  • All;
  • Ahead of schedule;
  • Behind schedule;
  • No-show;
  • With no unit.

A new filter allows instant finding of troubled routes and their units as well as getting to the map.

Filters on the Online page of NimBus

Association of units with multiple routes

In the mass operations mode, we added the ability to associate the same units and groups of units with multiple (or all) routes.

Application example: You know that a certain carrier is assigned to certain routes. With the help of the new function, you can simultaneously associate all the carrier’s units with these routes. Later on, it will save time when assigning units to the ride because the system will offer the units associated with this route (for example, 5 of them) above all other depot units (for example, 100).

Association of units with multiple routes

Associate units with the routes dialog

Search by coordinates for creating the stop

Previously, to create the stop manually, you could use only the search by address. However, it was not always convenient.

In some cases, the search by coordinates is also needed. For example, when the client has only coordinates and no address or when you don’t have the data on stops in the .csv or GTFS format but have coordinates. Now, users can search by coordinates as well.

Search by coordinates for creating the stop

Visit our forum and discover more about NimBus.


Mass operations with fields

We added the abilities of the fields mass deletion and the mass specifying of crops that grow currently in the fields. It will allow users to fulfill the given operations faster and more conveniently.

For example, after the mass fields import, the user doesn’t like the result and now has to delete tens or hundreds of fields, or they grow primarily one crop on the farm and have to specify it for 100 fields. Now, in both cases, everything can be done in two clicks.

Accidental deletion of fields with registered cultivations is impossible, as the system will ask for confirmation. Specifying the crop is possible for the fields with no crops only.

Mass operations with fields

Mass operations can be combined with search and filters:

For example, with the help of the filter, you can select all the fields without crops, check them by clicking on the new button, and specify the crop for them. And since you can search by the field name or description, you can find fields with particular words in their names or descriptions, check them, and delete or specify the crop for them.

Mass operations combined with search and filters

More details on the Hecterra new features are in this topic.

Wialon app for iOS and Android

Ignition on the History tab

On the History tab, you can find the ignition data now. For stationary units, the ignition is displayed instead of trips history. For the moving units, it is shown in the parking mode. 

So, in the mobile app, you can monitor stationary units efficiently, which can be done by ignition as such machinery has no trips. When it comes to moving units, you can understand if the driver consumes fuel during parking, for example.

Ignition on the History tab

Geofence creation through the long tap on the map

Now, you can create geofences anywhere on the map, and to do so, you don’t need to go to the Geofence tab. All you need is to long tap on the map, after that, name the geofence and save it. The new function made the work with the app faster.

Geofence creation through the long tap on the map

Notifications copying to the clipboard

We added the option of copying notifications to the clipboard with a long tap. If you need to notify your colleague of something or ask the driver a question, now you don’t have to take the screenshot of the notification or figure out what notification is being addressed. You can just copy and send it.

In the same way, you can copy notifications from the list on the Notifications tab.

Notifications copying to the clipboard

More details on Wialon app updates are on the Gurtam forum.

In a month, we will prepare the review of June features. Meanwhile, feel free to try and test the new and improved functionality of the platform and apps as well as leave your comments on the Gurtam forum.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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