Working with Wasl is now available for Wialon users in Saudi Arabia

17 January, 2023
Tim Scherbakov

We have good news for Wialon partners in Saudi Arabia: Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local have been integrated with the Wasl Tracking Service. From now on, it will be easier for the Wialon users in the country to bring their businesses in line with the local legislation.

What is Wasl? 

Wasl is an e-platform created by the ELM company for the Public Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia to track and control light vehicles and trucks as well as land transport operations and e-freight agents. Overall, the system aims at improving transportation security in the country.

All trucks and heavy-duty vehicle owners in Saudi Arabia are obliged to report the location of their fleets to the government. In addition to the vehicle location, the following data is also reported to the Wasl platform: 

  • information on the truck weight;
  • driver’s birth date, phone number, license number;
  • company’s legal entity number, manager’s name, phone number.

Wasl and transportation safety 

Wasl allows verifying vehicles and drivers’ legal status. In other words, it helps prevent situations when companies do not comply with the requirements and render services illegally. Such control creates a safer transportation environment within the country. As using the Wasl system is obligatory, the fleet owners might get considerable fines if the information isn’t sent in time or in a proper way.

Sending driving info to WASL

Wasl now works with Wialon

We are happy to let you know that the Wasl platform is already available for both Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local.

We know that previously, Wialon partners and their customers had to use some third-party solutions or even their own software developments to send data to the Wasl system. There is no need to do it any longer: with Wialon, they can now comply with the law configuring data sending within a few minutes.

We hope that Wialon partners in Saudi Arabia will benefit from an all-in-one telematics solution without the need to use third-party apps. 

To learn more about Wasl, visit their official website. You can also find all the information about the integration (how to configure devices, register customers and drivers, etc) in the Wialon help center.  

If you would like to use the Wialon and Wasl integration, email us at

Wialon also works with several similar systems from other countries. You can read about these integrations on our blog: HU-GO integration in Hungary, BG Toll in Bulgaria, and European Sixfold.

Tim Scherbakov
Tim Scherbakov
Tim is a Senior Wialon Implementation Manager working with partners from the APAC region. He is a great help for them in everything that relates to project implementation. Tim also works with strategic initiatives (e.g. WASL integration) and trains potential clients at the pre-sales step.


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