Wialon Challenge 2023: Wialon team and partners conquer Mount Rinjani

22 August, 2023
Alena Kalionava

At the core of Wialon lies a dynamic community, a partner network that spans the world. Together with our partners, we host the Wialon IoT zones at countless expos, meet at our own global partner conference, Telematics, and engage in various industry events.

Now, we are embarking on something completely different. On August 21–27, the Wialon team and 15 of our partners are climbing to the peak of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia. This expedition not only promises a breathtaking adventure but also embodies the spirit of the Wialon community — mutual support, growth, and success.

Read on to explore the exciting path that awaits our participants.

The idea behind the Wialon Challenge

The Wialon community is the largest gathering of telematics and IoT experts, uniting over 2,400 partner companies, 700 hardware manufacturers, and hundreds of developers of Wialon-based solutions from 150 countries. For us, the community is invaluable, and we strongly believe that partnerships thrive not solely through industry ties, but also through shared experiences and achievements. This is precisely why we've chosen to host this unique event.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

“We're bringing together 15 visionary partners who consistently show outstanding performance
in the annual Wialon Top Partners ranking. They're not only important allies of Wialon, but also influential thought leaders of the telematics and IoT community. As we gather for this pivotal Wialon partner event in Indonesia, we anticipate it will mark a significant milestone in our mutual journey and strengthen the bonds even more.”‎

Meet the adventurers

15 Wialon partners from 12 different countries have traveled 121,162 kilometers — equivalent to three full lengths of the equator — to reach Indonesia and climb to the top of the Rinjani volcano. From hiking experts to newcomers seeking an adrenaline rush, the Wialon Challenge 2023 team is diverse indeed.

Wialon Challenge team: partners

And now, meet the Wialon team members who are all set to conquer the summit with the partners. Our team took the challenge very seriously, going all in to prepare for the ascent. Check out the video to catch a bit of the fun they had along the way.

Wialon Challenge team: Wialon

Each participant brings their unique story, determination, and goals to the Wialon Challenge — from representing their company's triumph at the top to overcoming personal fears and experiencing the sense of accomplishment that comes from scaling a volcano.

Wialon Challenge swag

The team will take home memories and cool Wialon Challenge swag too!

The itinerary

During this adventure, our partners, alongside the Wialon team members, are set to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani — an active and the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. With its peak reaching 3,726 meters above sea level, the ascent presents a rigorous test of endurance.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani awaits: the Wialon Challenge squad is ready to go

The participants are traveling the diverse terrains and making their way to the summit as we speak. Their efforts will be rewarded with a stunning sunrise from the Sembalun crater rim. They will also explore caves, take a dip in the waters of Segara Anak lake, and even practice their fishing skills.

Segara Anak lake

After the climb, the participants will recharge at Segara Anak lake

Follow the path

Wialon Challenge path

The mission: to scale Mount Rinjani at 3,726 meters above sea level

Feel the excitement and become part of the journey, even from a distance.

Wialon Challenge team

Adventure mode on! A group shot just before the start of the journey

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
Alena is Content Marketer at Wialon. With 5+ years of experience in crafting content for tech companies, she ensures that every piece is both compelling and informative.


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