Wialon creates smart filling stations

12 December, 2018
Vera Podosinovik

It's believed that a person uses the brain only by 10%. The situation with Wialon functionality is a bit better: most integrators exploit 20-30% of it. Mainly for transport monitoring and fuel consumption control. However, there are companies that go beyond the usual, using Wialon to prevent accidents, maintain elevators, and optimize the operations in private hospitals

Today we will tell about the project of Gurtam partner from Ukraine – UMT company – that makes the most of Wialon to automate an in-house filling station in Veltum-Zaporozhye LLC.

Customer requirements

Customer requirements

Veltum-Zaporozhye LLC provides waste management services in Ukraine. Before Wialon, they used another monitoring system but were dissatisfied with the quality of software and services. While operating the departmental filling station located onsite, the customer constantly faced a number of difficulties: 

  • "Slow down, please. I’m making notes.” The operator kept the paper log with the information on refueling. As a result, data processing took plenty of time. And paper-based storage can hardly be called safe.
  • “Nobody is perfect.” The operator made mistakes while filling in the log. Inattention led to constant discrepancies between the values on the list and the fuel volume actually delivered.
  • “You gotta hustle if you wanna survive.” Fuel theft was not a rare thing. Options are numerous: dump into a separate can, partially fill the tank, etc.
  • “It’s just beautiful". One fuel-filling column was defective.  

It became clear that the processes at the filling station should be automated. The company announced a tender, and UMT offered the best solution. 

Any ideas on the solution?

At first glance, the project may seem quite simple: integrating Wialon with the internal control system of the filling station and getting the necessary data. However, UMT had a kind of surprise here: there was no such system!

Our partner decided to repair the defective column and upgrade the rest (flow sensors were already installed). In addition, UMT installed a LED display, control panel, power supply, automatic switch, RFID reader, and SmartBox 5.02 GPS terminal, which transmits all the information to Wialon.

Customer requirements

Now every driver is given an RFID card. To fuel, you need to put the card close to a reader and specify the amount of fuel required. Without the ID card, nothing works. So, only the drivers saved in the memory of the reader can use the filling station services.

Customer requirements

It really works

UMT found an efficient and affordable Wialon-based solution. As a result, there is no need to buy new fuel-filling columns, and all customer requirements are met. Let's check the list:

  • reports on fueling are generated automatically. Now it takes 90% less time to process the data. Paper journals are a thing of the past;
  • total fuel costs decreased on average by 5%. The solution helps to fight thefts on the territory of the enterprise. No more fuel manipulations by drivers or dispatchers;
  • “Fuel traffic” report table contains detailed information on each filling (date and time, the location of the filling station, driver's name, volume of issued and received fuel, refueling duration). Everything you need to know is now available in one window;
  • operations of the filling station are automated. As a result, the customer could reduce personnel costs and minimize human error. The technology will not fail.

Customer requirements

To be continued?..

Despite the success of the project, UMT is still improving the system. Here are some innovations planned:

  • first of all, the use of special sensors in the storage tank of the filling station or fuel tanker to determine the quality of fuel. The issue of fuel quality is extremely important for companies operating vehicles with Euro-5 and higher engines;
  • secondly, the possibility to set limits on each RFID card and remotely manage the refueling; 
  • thirdly, Wialon will be integrated with their accounting system that receives data on fuel filled and spent.

The project implemented by UMT has once again shown the wide functionality of Wialon. Transport monitoring and fuel consumption control are only a small part of what you can offer your customers as an integrator. So, use Wialon for 100% and even more! If you have any questions or would like to share your story of success, write to marketing@gurtam.com.

Photo source: umt.ua

Vera Podosinovik
Vera Podosinovik
Vera is a copywriter and SMM manager who enjoys contributing to the Gurtam blog and informing the community of all the notable events going on at the moment through all our online channels.


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