The Wialon help center: a new source of information from Gurtam

10 February, 2021
Tatsiana Bravina

No news is good news – but it is not about us! We love showering you with news, and not just for the sake of attracting attention. The Gurtam team is sincerely interested in keeping the Wialon community informed about any significant event, whether it’s a product update or another meetup. This post is no exception! The main news for today is the launch of the new Wialon help center.

What is the Wialon help center for?

Wialon is not only a universal monitoring platform. It is also a complex technical product. 

It is, therefore, not surprising that from time to time, you have questions while working with such a sophisticated system. After all, your clients’ goals and telematics projects vary in complexity, subject matter, and scale.

Until today, we did not have a unified resource where one could find all the possible information on the Wialon products. But it does not mean that someone didn’t get a problem solved. To assist Wialon users, we created documentation, clarifying and educational blog articles, and videos on the YouTube channel. And beyond that, our team carefully processed incoming requests, thoughtfully answered questions. As a result, we have accumulated an extensive, valuable knowledge base.

How does the Wialon help center work?

The Wialon help center is a comprehensive information system designed to help you find answers to any questions about using Wialon products.

Wialon help center

The system includes:

  • user guides;
  • how-to articles;
  • videos;
  • faq, and other helpful sections.

All this content is available in Russian, English, and Spanish.


The Wialon help center provides flexible search across all available content, as well as filtering by tags.

Wialon help center Search options

  • If you use the search option on the Wialon help center main page, the search results cover all the content. 
  • If you search on a product page, the results are automatically filtered according to the product.

There is a filter section on the page displaying search results. The section consists of three parts: Product, Type, Tags. Each has several options to choose from. The search results change depending on the filters applied.

Users can evaluate the information found as useful or useless. A list of associated materials is shown next to every article.


Users can navigate materials through titles. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to copy links to specific sections. Just click on the title in the right navigation menu and copy the link to the desired section.

Wialon help center

Copy and bookmark links not only to entire articles but also to the sections you need. It allows you to quickly find important information and share it with colleagues or clients.


At the end of every article, there is an export button. After clicking on it, you need to:

  1. select what exactly you would like to export: only this page or all the pages of the documentation;
  2. select the preferred file format: PDF or Word.

Wialon help center Export option

Evaluate, bookmark, and share the materials from the Wialon help center. Effortlessly export the articles in an appropriate format, store them on your devices, and send the information to employees and clients.

What is the Wialon help center for?


The archive, changelog, and new features will soon appear on the help center main page.

We are also planning to launch the My requests section so that users could send requests straight to the Gurtam team via a special form. The section will also display all previously submitted requests with the creation date, subject, and status. The user will also get the opportunity to assess the quality of our work.

Explore the Wialon help center

The Wialon help center allows you to take advantage of an extensive, unified knowledge base on using Wialon products. This new service is also one more way of interacting with Gurtam.

What is in it for you?

Now, there is no need to waste your time looking for answers in several sources. You can just go to the Wialon help center, type your request in the search box, and get all the information you need: now it is collected in one place.

Do not hesitate to evaluate the materials: this way, you can influence their quality and volume. Based on your ratings and feedback, we will edit the existing materials, create new ones, expand and improve the knowledge base.

In conclusion

From April 2021, when you go to, you will be automatically redirected to the new Wialon help center. But for your convenience, we recommend updating the links in your bookmarks or notes now and start using the new service to its fullest extent!

And as always, we are waiting for your questions and feedback on the Wialon help center. Your personal managers will promptly respond to your comments and suggestions on the work of the new portal.

A month ago, we released a marketplace – a comprehensive catalogue of the Wialon-based applications and integrations with third-party systems. Another knowledge base that has finally become available literally in a single click. All our telematics and IoT solutions are collected here!

Well, if you have developed a Wialon-based application, implemented an integration, and would like it to be on our marketplace, feel free to write to us at Take advantage of all the opportunities that we create for you!

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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