Wialon visited the conference organized by a partner in Kazakhstan

16 November, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

The conference organized by FleetBook took place on September 29 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Wialon representatives Katsiaryna Klopava, Senior Business Development Manager, and Roman Sushchevsky, Wialon Implementation Manager (European Russia), attended the event of our new Kazakh partner and presented the platform there.

In this article, we’ll talk about the conference and how partners benefit from such events.

About the conference


The Wialon team speaking at the conference 

It was the first conference hosted by FleetBook. The company representatives demonstrated the company’s developments and solutions to their clients. Afterward, they gave the floor to special guests, including Teltonika and Satellite 24, together with Gurtam.

“Such conferences are beneficial for partners. They help them build closer relations with their clients, tell about the product and innovations, pay attention to essential details and new opportunities,” says Katsiaryna Klopava.

These days, organizing offline events can be challenging, but such investment of time and effort definitely pays off. An excellent example of how such events can help promote a brand is the reaction of the participants to the presentation of our platform.

The Wialon team’s speech arose interest across FleetBook customers. They asked numerous questions after the presentation and even lined up to talk in person with our specialists.


Participants of the FleetBook conference

Meetings with partners

As usual, the Wialon team didn’t limit itself to just visiting the conference and made the most of the trip to Kazakhstan. Within 11 days, we visited Almaty, Karaganda, and Aktau and met with 8 local partners.

For example, we went to see SKVID and also visited the headquarters of SPECTRUM, the largest trunking operator in Kazakhstan. By the way, both companies were featured in the Wialon TOP 50 Global 2021 list among the fastest-growing partners. Our team members were happy to take the opportunity and congratulate them in person.


Visiting SKVID 

Each such trip allows us to get to know our partners better, solve their project issues on the spot, and even hold a session to demonstrate the system's functionality.

“It was a pleasure to personally meet technical specialists, whose requests you get only by email, learn the details of implemented projects, offer solutions for the partner's current issues. Sometimes such meetings turned into a brainstorming session, during which we found the best solution in a short time,” Roman Sushchevsky shared his impressions.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit all Kazakh partners within one trip. We do hope we’ll be able to meet all of them during our next trip to Kazakhstan.

Is your conference next?

Katsiaryna and Roman are sure that even 20 video calls can’t replace face-to-face communication. The FleetBook experience shows us that conferences organized by integrators are of significant value to the community as well. The fact that many participants got interested in Wialon after a visual demonstration of the system's capabilities speaks for itself.

Such events allow customers to learn more about partners’ products and services, help them clear up doubts, and enhance confidence in integrators. Partners get the opportunity to look closer at customers and better understand their needs to offer the most suitable solution.

If you can't organize an offline conference, online events can also be beneficial.

Please, remember that we provide partners with marketing support while they host conferences, exhibitions, and other events.

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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