Wialon-based solution for cargo safety in Ukraine

5 February, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

One of the most important characteristics of a good carrier is the ability to deliver cargo safely from A to B.

Enroute thefts are not that rare. That’s why the provision of cargo safety is as vital as fuel control. After all, fuel frauds mean financial losses, while stolen cargo adds some serious blow to the reputation of both a carrier and a customer. Cargo theft initiates a number of costly and time-consuming procedures: calling the police, contacting the insurance company, delivery rearrangements, etc.

How to avoid all these costs and side effects? Our Ukrainian partner UMT developed Sirena, a complex Wialon-based solution that perfectly meets the challenge of cargo safety.

Client’s request

One of the biggest carriers in Ukraine, GTAL, has been our partner’s client for quite a while. They contacted UMT and asked them to provide maximum safety for valuable cargo transportation, mostly tobacco products.


UMT offered to install Wialon-connected Sirena onto trucks’ semi-trailers. Once the solution is connected to Wialon, a driver gains full control of the transported cargo. How does it work exactly?

  • Two SmartBox terminals connected to the vehicle’s CAN-bus are installed into the cabin of the truck and on its semi-trailer.

Client’s request

Independent GPS terminal installed on the semi-trailer 

  • The terminal is wirelessly connected to an alarm key fob. Not only is it convenient as there are no spiral cables inside the cabin, but also secure as no one can cut or break the wireless connection.
  • Sirena is configured in such a way that if someone tries to open the truck door when the solution is in the security mode, there will be a distinctive sound indicating a potential threat.
  • The following digital sensors are configured in the Wialon system:
    • An alarm button which shows that the driver himself reports an alarm;
    • The sensor showing the activation of the alarm;
    • The sensor showing the doors’ status (open/closed).

Thus, in case of the unauthorized doors opening, Wialon will immediately send the violation notification for a further prompt response and taking necessary measures. The driver should just press the Security mode button so that the system reports unauthorized doors opening only.

Client’s request

 Violations report

With the help of an alarm key fob, the driver can monitor the doors’ status even if he is several meters away.

An extra SmartBox terminal allows monitoring a semi-trailer as a separate unit in Wialon. This provides full mobility to a truck, so you can easily interchange cabins and semi-trailers.

All this ensures cargo safety throughout the transportation process, both in motion and during the stops.

Our other partner, the Ukrainian security company Inteh-plus, also supports the Sirena solution. Thus, if the alarm goes off, an emergency response squad will instantly arrive at the scene. Find more details on the work of the 24/7 monitoring unit in the article dedicated to the children tracking solution.

Wialon functionality used

  • The Monitoring tab is used for real-time monitoring of trucks on the map, sending commands and notifications to the units, requesting photos and videos, online tracking of various parameters’ changes. 
  • The Units tab is used to create units and configure sensors. In this case, specialists configured custom digital sensors. 
  • The Notification tab allows setting instant notifications based on the sensors’ values. Here, the UMT experts created notifications on the unauthorized doors opening.
  • The Reports tab provides detailed info on the trucks and semi-trailers throughout the entire transportation process: alarm activations as well as the time and the unit’s location when they happened.


To make sure the solution is workable, one should just start using it. This fact needed to be explained to the drivers. At first, they were not enthusiastic about it. Later on, though, they realized that the system protects them in the first place, and now they are willing to use Sirena.


So far, GTAL has Sirena connected to 20 semi-trailers. Some more clients of our partner successfully implemented the solution in their processes: PRJSC Mironivsky Hliboproduct (10 trucks), LLC «Poultry Complex «Dniprovskiy» (50 trucks), Loostdorf Ltd (120 tucks).

This Wialon-based solution:

  • provides an instant signal for the driver and other employees to immediately take actions in case of unauthorized vehicle opening (during transportation, rest, or at the stops);
  • guarantees cargo safety during transportation and at the stops;
  • ensures no financial and reputation losses for a transportation company and its clients, or expenses caused by cargo thefts;

A truck of cigarettes costs up to $1.2 million. In case of theft, the losses will be enormous even if the cargo is insured, as the insurance doesn’t cover them fully. 

  • saves resources, as neither the transportation company, nor its client spend their time and effort searching for the cargo and getting it back, or undergoing reimbursement procedures with the insurance company. 
  • lets drivers stay focused, as they don’t have to keep an eye on the cargo. Now they can concentrate on transportation itself. 
  • allows participating in tenders with the specific cargo safety requirements.

If you are concerned with your cargo safety, please contact UMT to get more info on the solution. 

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Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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