Monitoring field employees of elevator service in Serbia


The elevator service company in Serbia has faced the inefficient work of field employees. So, there were more and more emergency calls, and the response time exceeded the minimum standards. This situation was caused by the lack of information about the movements and location of employees. As a result, it was impossible to optimize routes to provide the employees to get faster and more quickly fix the breakdowns.


Almaks Security Systems, the Gurtam partner company from Belgrade (Serbia), proposed a GPS tracker solution consisting of the following components:

Wialon Hosting + WiaTag

  • The smartphones of field employees are equipped with the WiaTag application and connected to Wialon.

  • The dispatcher has the opportunity to control the location of field employees to arrange optimal routes for their movements.

  • Upon emergency calls, the dispatcher sends the closest employee to the accident site.

  • If the employee is not able to identify the cause of the breakdown, they take a photo of the wiring layout and sends it to the dispatcher. After the consultation, the dispatcher provides him with a solution.


Almaks Security Systems has been using this solution for a year. During this time, it was debugged, tested, and now it works with no hitch.

70 employees

This many field workers send their location to the dispatcher, promptly responding to emergency calls.

Up to 1G

This is the monthly consumption of mobile traffic per gadget, which is very economical based on the number of connected smartphones.


The company saves time, money, lands new contracts, and increases its revenue.

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Company profile

Country: Serbia
Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Field workers

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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