What’s installed on the 2,000,000th asset on Wialon?

14 June, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

In May, the number of units connected to Wialon hit 2,000,000! The anniversary asset was connected in Sri Lanka within a large-scale project involving 1,200 vehicles. Today we’ll unveil the mystery of a tracker installed on the 2,000,000th unit. Well, guys, it's now official.

The anniversary unit on Wialon runs with GT08 tracker by Shenzhen Concox

Looking ahead, it couldn’t have been the other way after 2018, when we started visiting the major industry events in China and meeting local hardware partners within their offices and production sites. The efforts were rewarding, and this year, a Chinese company created the most notable tracker of the past two years. 

Let’s congratulate them on leaving the mark in the history of Gurtam community and discover how a small R&D company became the largest device manufacturer in China. Were you surprised to learn that a Concox tracker became the 2,000,000th device on Wialon?

As told by Faye Yang, the Marketing Manager in Concox.  

Were you surprised to learn that a Concox tracker became the 2,000,000th device on Wialon?

– First, we were astonished to hear the news, and then we became very excited! From the interview with KLOUDIP, we learnt that they had been implementing a large project with Concox trackers. But we knew nothing about it on the day when the 2,000,000th unit was connected. 

How did you partner with KLOUDIP?

– KLOUDIP is one of our biggest clients in Sri Lanka. By the way, we got acquainted on Telematics conference 2017 hosted by Gurtam. In January 2018, KLOUDIP contacted Concox and purchased the first JM01 vehicle GPS tracker. Several months later, they came to us again and placed several more orders and launched a large project with Concox hardware in the Sri Lankan market.

Were you surprised to learn that a Concox tracker became the 2,000,000th device on Wialon?

Concox team on Telematics 2017 

Telematics 2018 proved to be a new beginning for KLOUDIP and Concox. We participated in the conference and delivered a speech regarding our products and solutions which was very well received by KLOUDIP.

Soon after, KLOUDIP’s monthly purchase quantity was growing, and its annual purchasing volume also broke new records. Since Concox devices are compatible with Wialon, KLOUDIP started to promote other GPS trackers to the broader market. Now, KLOUDIP has set up their own sales channel and done a good job in e-commerce marketing.

How did you get started?       

– 15 years ago, we started as an R&D center focused on electronics and wireless communication products. In 2009, Concox developed the first GPS tracker with a built-in GSM antenna in China. Now, we have three intelligent manufacturing plants, about six hundred engineers, and six R&D centers. 

For the past decade, Concox has been focused on the development of GPS tracking products. Since our first tracker was produced, the company has acquired ten years of global marketing experience and established cooperation with customers from more than 150 countries.  

Concox elaborating on the bestselling trackers of 2018

How did you start the partnership with Gurtam? 

– Since we started developing GPS tracking products, we’ve had many customers focused on fleet management solutions. They wanted a powerful and high-level software platform. Although at Concox we had our own, in-house system, we were also open for working with qualified third-party developers.  When we came across Wailon platform, we quickly decided to work with Gurtam.

Were you surprised to learn that a Concox tracker became the 2,000,000th device on Wialon?

Gurtam team visiting Concox office

Wialon is compatible with 1,600 devices making Gurtam the most widely-deployable hardware integration partner globally. Thanks to that, the features and advantages of our fleet management devices can be fully realized in Wialon. The above makes a complete solution much more professional and provides a better user experience. 

Plus, the response to integration requests is super fast. Once we’ve had a new product ready, and it has been integrated into Wialon within 2 hours! I think this is part of the reason why we already have 35 tracker models supported in Wialon. 

What’s in the future?  

– One thing we know for sure is that we’ll continue closer cooperation with Gurtam. Concox and Gurtam will co-exhibit at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. And we won’t miss TelematiX conference, where we’ll showcase smart logistics solution for container management and a new series of trackers for fleet management. We think Gurtam does a great job in marketing and providing new services for their partners. Considering the achieved results, we are ready to take every opportunity to join efforts for online and offline promotion of our products. 

As for flagship hardware, in 2019, Concox will mainly focus on the promotion of ultra-long standby and plug&play products,  such as the HVT001 and AT4 models for logistics and transportation, and IoT solutions.

Concox elaborating on the future plans at Telematics Conference Colombo

In the end, almost 40,000 Concox trackers are already connected to Wialon and the growth dynamics is highly positive. The company has all chances to end up in TOP 5 rapidly developing hardware manufacturers. Will that happen? We’ll see together on TelematiX conference in Minsk – join us on July 30 – August 1, 2019. 

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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