Breaking news: Gurtam releases Wialon Local 1804

23 April, 2018
Olga Voytikhovich

The release of the server system’s new version is scheduled to coincide with the start of Navitech 2018. Here we gather the partners at our megabooth for the first but not the last time. Consider visiting us later this year at MWCA and GITEX as well. Wialon Local 1804 will be already available on April 24. You will get over 300 new features and optimizations in the monitoring system, CMS Manager, web and mobile applications. It also acquires NimBus, Logistics 2.5, WiaTag with the embedded chat, and the latest version of Wialon mobile app. Let's proceed to the details.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

We enhanced 18 tables: added new columns, parameters, and filtration. Watch the core features:

  • Timeouts to split event and counter sensors intervals; 

  • The improved “Fuel traffic” report;

  • The option to view files and photos in a table;

  • Driver ranking with a color marking in group reports;

  • Selection of geofences from all available resources;

  • The option to view custom sensor values when a digital sensor is on/off;

  • Display of the additional chart or table instead of the map;

  • Google Street View upon clicking “Parkings” and “Stops” markers in reports.

Redesigned reports: we divided the dialog content into tabs, and grouped the settings of the template and its content. As a result, you add tables, charts, statistics and configure the report in the same dialog switching between several tabs.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Calculator in reports: we added the tool for calculating the numeric values in “Trips”, “Engine hours”, and “Summary” tables. Add, subtract, divide, and multiply the content of the table boxes as in Excel: each column gets its index (C1, C2..CN) which is used in the formula like “(C1+C2-C3)*C4/C5”. The result is displayed in a new column. Constants and unit parameters are also used for calculations.

Get to know more details about the calculator and the structure of new reports in the article on the March Wialon Hosting update.

Improved report sending by e-mail: compose templates for the e-mails accompanying reports and send links to big-sized files and archives. In the latter case, the report is stored on your FTP-server, and the recipient views and downloads it via the link.  

A simpler way to create group reports: generate the report on several units without creating the group – the needed units are selected while creating the template.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Notifications: to tell more, on time, and not to get extra

We expanded the list of tags for notification text. Describe the event in more details having added the following information:  

  • %SENSOR(*)% – a specific sensor value

  • %LOCATOR_LINK% – a unit location link

  • %ZONE% – a name of the geofence the unit is entering or leaving

  • %UNIT_GROUP% – a group that the unit belongs to

  • %DRIVER_PHONE% – driver’s phone number

When the notification triggers, the latest data will appear in “%%” tags instead of the parameters.

Extended list of notification triggering conditions: get a notification following an LBS message, if a minimum filling/theft value is achieved, at a connection loss or idling inside/outside the geofence.

”AND/OR” mode of operation: get a notification when a unit enters/leaves all the specified geofences at once or one of the specified geofences.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Comments for notifications: register a notification as a custom event and leave comments to be displayed in the corresponding reports. 

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Time limitations: specify the maximum number of notification triggering for a certain period of time. Such notifications are activated automatically every hour, day, week so that you don’t have to activate them all over again. 

General features: tracks, geofences, settings, ACL

The option to split tracks into trips: track sections are displayed in different colors and separated by markers.

Custom fields to describe geofences and the “Distance from unit to geofence” option. In the latter case, the information is displayed instead of the addresses if the client is interested in “when the vehicle arrives” rather than “where it is now”.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Two-factor authentication and password validation for advanced security.

The option of unit deactivation to disable seasonal units.

New fields in the unit “Reference book” and “Profile”: fill in the engine make, its power, capacity, and the primary fuel type.

Extended ACL to view and edit the connection settings applied to the unique ID, phone number, type of equipment. 

“Custom message” command

Grouping of the parameters saved in the system: use the parameters sets to quickly configure certain devices. 

Export of the custom message parameters to configure the devices through any user in the system.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Video in Wialon

We taught the system to work with the devices by Servision, Howen, Neotech Electronics, Сamera telematics, Streamax and added the streaming option to the event-based video monitoring. The video is displayed in mini-windows that can be open upon the click on the icon in the monitoring panel or on the mini-map.

Mobile and web-applications: specific tasks are solved here

We added NimBus: the new solution for public transportation tracking gets into 1804 version together with “Locator” for passengers, API, blocks, and Dashboard tool. 

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

We updated Logistics Local to v2.5: here you will have a new dialog for order creation, the option to edit active routes and handle multiple routes and orders, Dashboard to view summary info on the service, HTML-editor for e-mail notifications and much more.   

WiaTag for Wialon Local got an embedded chat to send messages to the system.  

CMS Manager

Dashboard: view the service statistics without the reports and manual search.

Reports: the first reason to update to 1804

Today we told you about the most noticeable changes. You will find more features and an extended description in Wialon Local 1804 checklist.

What’s next? 

Servers are like children, they feel everything. So, if your server is warming up looking forward to Wialon Local 1804, don’t delay the update.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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