Digitizing construction, demolition, and ready-mix concrete with Wialon: top IoT use cases

25 January, 2023
Olga Voytikhovich

Wialon lets construction, demolition, and ready-mix concrete businesses track vehicle location and movement, so that they can plan and coordinate better. It can also enhance safety by enabling control over personnel and machinery, alerting supervisors to potential hazards or unsafe conditions. Businesses can improve productivity, identify bottlenecks, and see accurate billing data based on the time and distance traveled by vehicles and equipment. Finally, the Wialon GPS tracking platform can help businesses better manage their assets by providing real-time location data, identifying maintenance needs, and preventing equipment failures.

This blog post features best IoT-based projects from Wialon partners, showcasing the capabilities of GPS tracking. Learn how Wialon helps to improve efficiency, safety, productivity, and asset management in the construction and demolition industry.

A fuel tank monitoring system for a South African construction company


Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire is a South African provider of road, water pipeline, and reservoir construction services. The company was looking to unfold a GPS tracking IoT project to improve customer service, prevent fuel theft, and enable safety.

Tracking Africa, a Wialon partner, implemented a fuel tank monitoring system that comprises GPS trackers, a mobile app, radio frequency backup devices, fuel level sensors, and Bluetooth tank caps. The system processes data from the trackers and displays it as maps, reports, and notifications. The mobile app allows users to access the fuel monitoring system storing GPS data from any location. With Wialon Locator, the system also shared location data with customers, contractors, and repair technicians, sending notification redirects to Telegram.

The implemented system enables the company to deliver unparalleled customer service, obtain real-time access to critical data, and ensure driver safety. Establishing thorough control over construction assets, the provider could also save up to 4,500 liters of fuel. Read the complete use case for more.

Dispatch management system and a client portal for a building material company


Wialon partner Geoservice was approached by an international leader in sustainable construction to automate routine tasks and optimize dispatching activities. Operating four plants and three quarries, the company wanted to streamline communication with customers and improve delivery management.

To meet the business needs, Geoservice equipped the company's fleet of over 800 vehicles with GPS devices and consolidated the data using flespi, a back-end platform by Gurtam to connect hardware devices and telematics systems. The team also developed a delivery management platform that brought together data from multiple sources, including Wialon Hosting coupled with the existing logistics system. The platform comprised a dispatcher portal and a client portal, both of which provided real-time vehicle tracking and automated processes to eliminate manual data processing and reduce human error. Additionally, the solution included logic for calculating the planned arrival time, considering a vehicle’s size and weight, as well as traffic and weather.

As a result, the company could improve operational efficiency and customer service, saving time and resources to increase overall quality and performance. For more details, please read the use case.

An IoT-based mining tracking system for a leading company in the Middle East


Apadana Kavosh is a leading mining company in the Middle East, operating a fleet of 1,000 vehicles. The customer looked to improve distribution of dump trucks and excavators, effectively manage the maintenance process, control stock levels, and monitor driver behavior and fuel consumption.

A Wialon partner, Giti Gostar Rahbord (GGRCO), stepped in to help. The provider implemented a tire pressure monitoring system powered by Wialon and installed GalileoSky 7X Wi-Fi devices and fuel sensors on each vehicle. The data from the devices was sent to the tracking system, enabling the company to monitor vehicle location, critical vehicle parameters, and data about material extraction. GGRCO also developed a custom mining tracking system with modules for dispatch management, maintenance planning, warehouse management, drilling dispatch, and road construction dispatch. These modules were interconnected for deeper automation and allowed Apadana Kavosh to make better strategic decisions.

Thanks to the solution, the company improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased safety on their sites. Read the full use case to learn more.

An IoT asset tracking system to monitoring railway construction wagons in Switzerland


Railrental, a Swiss company specializing in railway construction wagon rentals, wanted to track wagons’ location in real time to prevent their loss and improve customer service. However, these wagons lacked a permanent electricity supply to power tracking devices.

To address the issue, Gotthard Handels AG, a Wialon partner, offered a solution utilizing a Wialon-based system, water-resistant Comtac LoRaWAN E1374 trackers with low battery consumption, and Swisscom's LPN LoRaWAN network. The trackers seamlessly transmit location data to the system, where it can be accessed in real time by the involved parties.

The customer implemented the solution in 21 wagons with a view to expand in the future. As a result, the company improved wagon management and enabled control over assets to prevent losses, increase revenue, and enhance customer service. Read the use case in our library.

A CARB-compliant GPS fleet tracking solution 


The following use case falls outside of the construction, demolition, and ready-mix concrete categories. However, the solution described is applicable to any industry and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your clients.

2Track is a California-based provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions. The company's clients are refrigerated truck fleet owners who needed a comprehensive tracking system that would comply with the The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. 

DCS, a Wialon partner, designed an advanced electronic tracking system that could track time, location, engine-hour meter readings, and other essential parameters, as well as create geofence zones around pickup and delivery points. The system was also tamper-proof and allowed for tracking data collection by an independent entity.

With this solution in place, 2Track could offer cold-chain GPS tracking to local businesses, helping them to control their delivery conditions, while also complying with the CARB requirements. For more, read the complete use case.

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Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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