Gurtam new TOP – now it calls attention to HW manufacturers

21 February, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

We can connect international brands or build huge booths at different exhibitions, but Gurtam partners global rating remains the most discussed event in the community.

Everybody wants to make it to the top ten of Wialon Top 50 Global which means connecting tens of thousands of units and receiving the “Gold partner” status. As the key criterion of getting into the rating is the yearly connection dynamics, it is not enough to just connect the clients – these clients need to be retained. Who can help you with that:

  • Inside your company: experienced installers, technical and commercial support. 

  • Outside the company: the right hardware supplier.

Equipment is the factor that integrator can’t control directly. That is why there should be a 100% certainty in the manufacturer, just as there is certainty in Gurtam and Wialon. If there is none, integrators can find themselves in a difficult situation when specialists spend their time resolving issues with trackers instead of developing business. 

For this reason, we consider the quality equipment to be one of the major growth factors and during TelematiX want to praise those who help our partners develop faster.

We created the rating of the most rapidly growing hardware manufacturers

Technology partners whose devices were most frequently connected to Wialon throughout the year (from June 2018 to June 2019) will make it to TOP 10.

Why is the connection dynamics the key criterion again?

Positive dynamics = trust. Developers, integrators, and hardware manufacturers operate in the same ecosystem. Gurtam partner guarantees the quality of equipment choosing the manufacturer’s devices over and over again for multiple projects. 

Positive dynamics = reliability. The bigger the number of trackers working on Wialon, the more information on their use in real-life projects the integrator can get. 

Positive dynamics = flexibility. As long as integrator keeps connecting the devices, he feels comfortable working with a particular manufacturer: there are no issues with deliveries, the company cooperates in developing new firmware and renders quality technical support.

We created the rating of the most rapidly growing hardware manufacturers

What manufacturers are in TOP 10 today?

Judging by the dynamics for the last 90 days, companies from Lithuania, Russia, China, Ukraine, and Korea made it to the rating.

  1. Teltonikaplus 17,000 trackers for the specified period. FMB120 became the most popular device – almost 8,000 new connections for three months. This is a device with basic functionality that allows CAN-bus data reading upon connecting the LV CAN adapter.

  2. Navtelecomplus 11,800 trackers. SMART S-23 device is the Russian manufacturer’s best seller. It has an amazing price/quality ratio. Broad functionality, RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces, handy remote setup are the things that attract clients right away.

  3. Baltic Car Equipmentplus 4,700 trackers. The most frequently connected device is FMS500 ONE. Its advantages: it is a reliable tracker with which you don’t have to pay for extra functions. The manufacturer renders quality technical support. 

  4. Ruptelaplus 2,230 trackers. The most popular model, Ruptela FM Eco4 Light, is again a basic version for relatively simple projects, has iButton. We can’t but mention handy configurator, available documentation on the website, and firmware freely available too. The tracker can be remotely updated and set up via Wialon.

  5. Galileoskyplus 2,170 trackers. The leader model is Galileosky 7.0 It has many inputs-outputs, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, CAN interface which means an extended set of functions for complicated projects. Popular on the market.

  6. Arusnavi  – plus 2,080 trackers. The devices of the company’s popular range Arnavi support digital, discrete, analog, pulse-frequency inputs and CAN connection. 

  7. Shenzhen Concoxplus 1,930 trackers. The most popular device of the Chinese manufacturer is Concox AT4. It is a tracker for container and cargo monitoring. It can boast having a powerful local battery and magnetic fastener.

  8. Satellite Solutionsplus 1,800 trackers. Their best seller is SAT-LITE 3. It is a budget-friendly tracker with RS-232, RS-485 interfaces, the option of CAN data reading, and built-in battery. 

  9. Bitrekplus 1,630 trackers. The Ukrainian company sold more BI 868 TREK budget devices than any other ones.

  10. Suntechplus 1,480 trackers. The Suntech ST310U model by the Korean manufacturer is very popular in Latin America.

As you can see, other than the first and second places, the gap between manufacturers is pretty small. But if you want a real challenge, compete with Teltonika. They are not only at the top of the list far ahead but have also recently sold the 200,000th tracker connected to Wialon. Teltonika added 100,000 devices in our system for less than two years.

Hardware manufacturers rating is now officially open. Follow the dynamics in the “Hardware” section (note that this data is for the last 90 days), and we will sum up the results in summer during TelematiX.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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