IoT project of the year: contest results

18 September, 2020
Aliaksandra Makarevich
IoT project of the year awards ceremony

On September 3, the IoT project of the year award ceremony took place. This was the result of a great adventure undertaken by Wialon and our partners, and we are grateful to everyone who took part in the contest.

Why the IoT project of the year contest matters for the community

When we decided to announce the IoT project of the year competition, we pursued several goals:

  • Share the accomplishments of the industry. Telematics and monitoring are developing at an incredible pace – that's a fact. Telematics solutions provide tremendous benefits to a wide variety of companies – another fact. Gurtam has always strived to share the industry's achievements and community successes with the world.
  • Unleash the potential of the partners. When choosing the winners, we didn’t focus on the number of connected objects, unlike the ratings of the partners. A complex project which saves money for the end client can work with, let’s say, 20 units by a partner who cannot yet boast top rankings. Read more about how we evaluated the projects below.
  • Provide a platform for promoting the partners. We appreciate the Wialon community and wish that as many specialists as possible would know about their breakthrough solutions. During the preparation and organization of the competition, we were publishing projects on our website, adding them to mailing lists, talking about them in the leading media like RBC and Forbes.

IoT project of the year ceremony

  • Meet the best experts in the telematics market. The IoT project of the year competition is not limited to solutions based on Wialon: we were accepting projects featuring any software, if they were effective and were bringing real benefit. This allowed us to create a platform where the best learn from the best, demonstrate innovative solutions and benefit from each other's experience.
  • More contests means tougher competition. For several years, Wialon has been publishing the Wialon TOP 50 Global rating and the GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 rating. Passion and the struggle for the title are some of the best engines of progress in any industry, and there should be as many worthy reasons for the struggle as possible.

The Gurtam team was hoping for some attention to the competition – but could not imagine such activity and involvement!

  • In one month and a half, we received more than 100 applications. 70% of them came in the last 3 days before the deadline. With so many applications, we even had to cancel the Community Choice nomination. Soon we will publish all the participating projects – follow the publications in the use cases library and on the website dedicated to the competition.
  • We received projects from all over the world, from the resorts of Mexico to the remote regions of Siberia, from construction sites in Canada to the wineries of Southern Russia.
  • There were so many interesting solutions and they were so diverse that we added the 16th Special recognition nomination. 
  • Like many other award ceremonies in 2020, the winners were announced online.

IoT project of the year ceremony preparation

How we chose the winners 

The jury consisted of the Gurtam experts with a different background, from developers to business analysts. They spent several weeks on studying and evaluating each application with regard to the 4 aspects:

  • business workflow
  • software
  • hardware
  • project implementation.

For each aspect, the assessment was carried out on the basis of up to 8 criteria. Some of them were accurate and measurable, others implied a more subjective assessment.

The system of criteria allowed the jury to comprehensively evaluate the projects and choose a winner among very strong competitors in each nomination.

IoT project of the year 2020 winners

Once again, we would like to congratulate the companies that have implemented the winning projects!

Long-haul shipping

Winner: Tetron (Russia)

Project: Electronic root sheet. The project allows to create a single workspace for the customer, the driver, controllers to track contractors’ performance and introduces an electronic document management system.

Cold chain transportation

Winner: Quarta Technologies (Russia)

Project: Multibrand refrigerator fleet management. The solution collects and analyzes data from refrigerator semi-trailers created by different manufacturers.

Local deliveries

Winner: A+A Security (Azerbaijan)

Project: An electronic lock that prevents theft or any other unauthorized opening of the cargo compartment doors during the delivery of goods to facilities.

A+A IoT project of the year

Public transport 

Winner: Seguitel S.A.S. (Colombia)

Project: Efficient fleet dispatching using Nimbus and control of buses. 

Waste management

Winner: 76 Oil Tyumen (Russia)

Project: Medical waste removal and disposal monitoring. The solution provides control over the collection and removal of medical waste of different types in accordance with special requirements, which are set with regard to the disposal of hazardous waste.

76 Oil Tyumen IoT project of the year


Winner: Interra (Russia)

Project: IoT irrigation machine. The solution provides full control over all the parameters of work of irrigation machines, receives and processes data which is unique for business. 

Fuel transportation and storage

Winner: Cellamerica (Mexico)

Project: Fuel transportation security system, which eliminates the risk of theft. 

Cellamerica IoT project of the year

Construction and demolition

Winner: Cellamerica (Mexico)

Project: Angular sensor for crane, which provides security on construction sites and during equipment transportation.

Ready-mix concrete 

Winner: OMC (Mongolia)

Project: A comprehensive monitoring system for the entire cycle of production and delivery of concrete, which automates processes, reduces the number of manual errors and cuts equipment operating costs.

Home and office services

Winner: Tetron (Russia)

Project: Effective satellite monitoring system for a 10,000 vehicle fleet of a large power grid company. 

Tetron IoT project of the year

Security personnel

Winner: Yollar (Azerbaijan)

Project: Handheld radios on Wialon. A unique solution for voice, video and data transmission, for which new intercom models have been designed.

Public safety

Winner: Cobertura Total en Telemetria Mexico (Mexico)

Project: IoT vacational management solution working mainly with elderly tourists, which integrates personnel control, guests tracking, monitoring access to certain areas, smart locks, smoke detectors and other types of equipment. 

Personal monitoring 

Winner: Cobertura Total en Telemetria Mexico (Mexico)

Project: IoT warehouse with telematics-based control over the territory and personnel. The solution also leverages the received data in fighting against COVID-19.

Stationary objects 

Winner: Interra (Russia)

Project: Wine IoT, which automates the whole complex of wine production, from taking sugar samples to managing the queues to the press.

Interra IoT project of the year


Winner: X-Telia (Canada)

Project: A construction site disinfection solution designed for a construction company that managed to continue working regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictions.

Special recognition

Due to a huge number of interesting projects, we chose not one but three winners in the category.

Winner: NOVA-TREK (Russia)

Project: Increasing the efficiency of seismic exploring. Collection and transmission of telematics data from a large fleet of special equipment operating in hard-to-reach areas with a frequent absence of GSM connection.

Winner: Interra (Russia)

Project: IoT-plane. Provides monitoring of the technical condition of light-engine aircraft at an agricultural enterprise.

Winner: Cobertural Total en Telemetria (Mexico)

Project: IoT-dispatcher for cattle, built for automation and control of cattle feeding at a meat processing plant. 

Cobertura IoT project of the year

The chairman of the jury Denis Grebennikov, CIS Business Development Director of Wialon, commented on the exceptional nature of IoT projects in the telematics field:

Our business is unique. We do not send spaceships to the moon, and our work is not so visible to society. But call me another industry where companies have expertise in software development, complex equipment installation and adjustment, business process optimization, and project management. All these things are combined in a single solution.

Denis Grebennikov IoT project of the year

The first edition of the competition has finished, and your enthusiasm, expertise, and sincere interest have confirmed: such events are important for the development of the community, and we should continue organizing them in the future. Subscribe to our updates and follow the news on our website.

See you next year!

IoT project of the year award

Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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