Navigating a guide to the ultimate portal for Wialon partners

26 September, 2023
Alena Kalionava
my-wialon-en is the ultimate portal for Wialon partners designed to streamline their interaction with the system and the Wialon team. From changing the configuration of the products you've purchased and acquiring new ones to client record-keeping and accessing marketing and white-label support, this platform is a go-to resource for every Wialon partner. In this blog post, we will explore the portal’s functionality and how it can elevate the partner experience.

What’s for?

The portal is your single entry point that provides handy access to various tools, services, and essential information for working with Wialon. It empowers to perform various actions easily and independently from the Wialon team. is available in four languages — English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

When you become a Wialon partner, you are given the credentials for If, for any reason, you haven’t received them or can’t access the portal, please don't hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager directly via their email or send a message to

What can you do on Functionality overview

Upon logging in to, you'll land on a dashboard that presents all the key portal sections in one place. They include your profile settings, account balance, purchased products and your turnover based discount (if that policy applies to your country, check the Information section for more details), company profile, Wialon news and updates, and contact details of your Partner Success Manager and Partner Growth Manager.

On the dashboard, you'll also discover dedicated sections highlighting the Wialon Top Partners and GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 rankings. There you’ll see the leaders and check where your company stands. — dashboard and side menu

Dashboard and side menu

Let's explore the things you can do within each section.

Manage your company profile

In the Company profile section, you can specify all the relevant information about your company and employees using the following tabs:

  • Company. Here you can enter your company name and description, its address, phone, email, website, social media accounts, and other details.
  • Offices. This tab enables you to specify the locations of your company's offices. By adding this information, you can appear on the Wialon partner map that displays all the partner companies located worldwide and allows site visitors to search for a telematics service provider by location. Once someone submits a request for your services, it will appear on in the Potential Clients tab. To get featured on the Wialon partner map and use this powerful tool to gain more visibility for potential clients, follow these steps. — create office

Adding company’s office information

  • Staff. We highly recommend adding information about your team to It will help us understand who exactly we are communicating with and be sure it’s your company’s representatives. This is especially useful when communicating with Wialon via general email addresses such as or

Note that we don't engage in communication with individuals who write from email addresses not validated in our system. While we won't disregard any messages from unfamiliar addresses, verifying the sender's identity might add some extra time to our response. To streamline the process, we encourage you to specify your staff's details and contacts right from the start. This proactive step empowers us to promptly address your requests. — Adding employee information

Adding employee information

In your account settings, you can create new users for your employees and set up their access rights to — grant specific permissions for particular tools, while restricting the others. Note that all important newsletters, such as scheduled maintenance messages, Wialon unavailability issue reports and updates on commercial conditions, are sent based on user access rights, so it's crucial to configure them correctly. — Configuring access settings for a user

Configuring access settings for a user

Manage your potential and current clients

The Company Profile section is not only a hub for managing your company's information but also a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. You can keep a record of both potential and existing clients, as well as the distributors you work with, if applicable. Let's explore the tabs dedicated to each of these:

  • End-users. Here you can register your current clients — Wialon end-users — and specify their location, contact details, the products they use, fleet size, business sphere, and more. To simplify the process, there is an option to import information from a file.

Adding your clients' information is vital for helping Wialon protect your business interests. It signals to us that these companies work with you as their telematics service provider, which can be particularly helpful in various situations. 

For example, if there's a dispute between your company and another partner about a client, we'll consider that the client is affiliated with the partner under whose account they are registered and act accordingly.

Similarly, if one of your existing clients contacts us with business-related questions, such as searching for a new telematics service provider, we will identify their connection with your company and expertly guide them towards resolving their queries with you as their current provider. — Registering a client

Registering a client

  • Potential clients. This tab is designed to help you manage your prospects throughout the entire sales process, from initial contact to contract signing. You can enter the employee responsible for the lead, the contact point at the prospective company, connected vehicles potential, and other relevant information. In addition to the information about potential clients you specify yourselves, the tab also includes prospects referred by us and inquiries from the Wialon partner map.
  • Dealers. If you work not only with fleets, but also with distributors, you can register them here and keep track of all your business relationships in one place. Importantly, your distributors (in other words, Wialon resellers) can receive the same level of marketing and technical support as direct partners. Thanks to that, you are able to allocate more of your time and resources to expanding your business and boosting sales rather than handling questions from your dealers.

To make sure we can maintain effective communication and provide help whenever needed, we strongly recommend adding your dealers' details to

Activate new modules

Within the Documents and modules section, you can easily activate Wialon modules. We've listed all prices for your convenience, ensuring a fast, efficient, and completely automated checkout process. — activating a new module

Activating a new module

The partner portal also allows you to monitor your current account balance, track payment history, review invoice details, and any pending invoices. If necessary, you can download the documents in just a few clicks. — Invoice full information

Invoice full information

Receive important Wialon updates also serves as the news hub for Wialon partners and the official communication channel for important announcements. Here, you'll find marketing updates, product enhancements, and policy changes, all in one place. By checking the Notifications section, you can ensure that you never miss anything important regarding your work with Wialon. — notifications feed

Notifications feed

Download ready-to-use marketing materials

The Marketing support page provides an overview of the marketing toolkit available to Wialon partners. On, you’ll find an extensive catalogue of marketing materials, including leaflets, brochures, white papers, and presentations. There, you can also get a promotional video available in different languages and versions. To simplify the search, the marketing materials can be filtered by category and type. — ready-to-use marketing materials

Catalogue of marketing materials

If you haven't discovered the material to meet your needs, you can request marketing support, and the Wialon team will do its best to assist you. — marketing support request form

Marketing support request form

Stay up to date with Wialon events

On you can stay in the loop with the latest Wialon marketing events — they are listed at the bottom of the side menu. In the section dedicated to a specific event, you’ll find its overview, as well as exclusive follow-up materials (presentations, videos, and other assets) that are accessible only to Wialon partners and not published anywhere else. In addition, you can sign up for upcoming Wialon partner events directly on — Wialon events

Upcoming event announcement

Get support for your white-label app

For those partners who offer Wialon under their own brand, the White Label section on is an invaluable tool. Here, you can request custom designs for the Wialon web and iOS/Android apps and track the progress of your request. — white label support

Support for white label

Find the Wialon policy and other important documents

The Information section contains essential documents related to partnership with Wialon. Here you’ll find the Wialon policy, details about the turnover-based discounts applicable to your region, guidelines for handling requests from potential end-users, a video demonstrating capabilities, and more. We advise you to take a careful look at these materials. — information section

The Information section

To wrap it up, provides Wialon partners with a suite of tools and resources to streamline their interactions with the system. From managing and updating company information to acquiring new products and modules, keeping records of clients, and accessing ready-to-go marketing materials, it empowers partners to unlock new levels of efficiency.

While today's article covers only the key capabilities of the portal, there is still more to discover. We encourage you to embrace for your daily business routine and experience all the enhancements it can bring to your work. If you ever have any questions or encounter any issues while using the portal, feel free to contact your Partner Success Manager.

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
Alena is Content Marketer at Wialon. With 5+ years of experience in crafting content for tech companies, she ensures that every piece is both compelling and informative.


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