13 presentations from Wialon passenger transportation conference

18 June, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

The conference on passenger transportation took place during the Wialon IoT-spring month, on May 27, 2021. The telematics experts from various parts of the world discussed the current issues in the passenger transportation field and suggested ways of facing them.

We invite you to watch our collection of videos from the conference where our partners presented their (not only Wialon-based) solutions for public transport. You will learn how many elements you need to build a splendid passenger monitoring system, how to use the Wialon capacities to the fullest extent in public transport management, which benefits processes automation results in, and other valuable insights.

Passenger transportation. Typical challenges of public and corporate transportation addressed with fleet management 

The hosts of the conference Victoria Suskova, NimBus Product Manager, and Tim Scherbakov, Senior Implementation Manager, Wialon, made a brief overview of the passenger transportation industry and mentioned typical challenges of public and corporate transportation. Watch their presentation to learn the ways IoT helps meet these challenges.

Transport modernization in the Philippines

Benjie Javier, CEO, NFinite IT Solution Services Inc., told the audience about the public utility vehicle modernization program implemented in the Philippines. Benjie described it as a comprehensive system reform that will entirely change the public transportation industry. Watch the video to learn more about this top-notch approach to public transportation.

The easiest way to monitor personal transportation

What is the best way of monitoring personal vehicles? Jose Juan Brito Gomez, Director General, Sine MX, dwelled on the corporate transport issues in Mexico and showed how NimBus helps cope with them

May I scan your ticket? Software, IDs & ideas for passenger management

Orlando Monagas, Founder and CEO, Golden M, Panama, shared his perspective on passenger management and showed how it may vary depending on the public transport type. Orlando went the whole way of a passenger from buying a ticket to leaving a vehicle and dwelled on the nuances. By the way, Orlando was named the best speaker at our annual partner conference TelematiX. So the video is not only useful but also interesting to watch.   

How to build a public transport solution with standard Wialon features

Wialon is a flexible monitoring platform and has all the necessary capabilities for monitoring various types of units. This time, Oleg Zharkovsky, Trainers Team Lead, Wialon spoke about how to use the basic platform features for tracking public transport. He also mentioned hardware that suits a public transport monitoring system depending on a use case, explained the ways of tracking driver behavior in Wialon and how to choose a sensor for calculating passenger traffic, showed the tools for route control and other useful tips.

Taxi management in Iraq

Saif Esmail Mohammed, Business Development Manager, Integrated Solutions, told the audience about his company's project for taking taxi services under control. A complex solution with a number of monitoring features copes with the issues such as high fuel consumption, high maintenance costs, insufficient driver control, etc.

Revitalize staff transportation systems with GOFER

KLOUDIP’s cloud solution GOFER allows automating processes related to corporate transport management in companies of any size. Sanjeeva Cooray, CEO, KLOUDIP, Sri Lanka, described the project and showed how GOFER offers its users processed data on employees' business rides and convenient Uber-like features for car booking and rides management.  

BusOKAY: Ensuring the safety of the most precious cargo on the roads. Let's stop COVID-19

Telematics against COVID-19! Rajeev Bajaj, Managing Director, Albasmart, India, talked about his company’s complex project BusOkay for school transport safety management. This solution provides several vital for fighting the pandemic features that help ensure social distancing and preboarding control. Check out the video to learn about the other remarkable features of BusOkay. 

Uber-like app to manage personal transport

María Clara Palacios, Shareholder and Managing Member, Summitec, presented a solution that allowed the client to streamline the 500-vehicle corporate fleet management in Colombia. The project resulted in 20% fuel savings and other benefits.

NimBus explained. The solution for public transportation GPS tracking

NimBus helps put public transportation to a whole new level. Victoria Suskova, NimBus Product Manager, Wialon, explains how it happens. Besides, if you are not sure which setup to choose in your case or would like to know more about the elements of the system, feel free to watch Victoria’s presentation.

NimBus. Implementation and use cases

Antonio Matiz is a CCO in Seguitel S.A.S. His company Implemented a solution for tracking Colombian public transport. The combination of Wialon, NimBus, and web services created by the company’s developers resulted in a 90% corruption decrease and more than USD 32,000 annual additional revenue to the transport company. And these are only a few benefits to name – watch the whole video for more details.

Hardware development for the IoT environment

Quito is the second most populated city in Ecuador. Its population has tremendously increased in a short time. So has the number of vehicles in the streets. The city faced the challenge of streamlining the public transport management. In this video, Mayra Johana Heredia Guzmán, Manager, PrecisoGPS, presents a low-cost product with high durability and simple installation that allows the city authorities to take the public transportation management under control.

Panel discussion: Passenger safety and video telematics. Use cases

Around 3,000 people got killed due to distracted driving In the USA alone in 2019. How can video telematics help cope with these dismal statistics? What are the pain points of public transportation safety in the US? How does the combination of machine vision and artificial intelligence help prevent car collisions? Watch the video to find out the answers.

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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