Wialon Customer Service Center: successful solution delivery with the Project Implementation team

9 February, 2023
Nikolai Melnikov

My name is Nikolai Melnikov, and I am Head of Customer Service Center. At the end of last year, I told you about a new structure I’m in charge of. It provides partners with high-quality support at all levels and helps them make the most out of the Wialon features. 

Nikolai Melnikov

Nikolai Melnikov
Head of Customer Service Center

As you may remember, the Customer Service Center comprises four teams: Technical Care, Project Implementation, Partner Growth, and Quality Control and Training. This time, I’ll dwell on how the Project Implementation team can help you deliver telematics and IoT projects at the highest possible level. To begin with, let’s address Andrei Liatsetski, the head of the team.

Andrei Liatsetski

Andrei Liatsetski
Head of Project Implementation

"By uniting the Project Implementation specialists into a separate team within the Customer Service Center, we show the importance of such work. If you take a look at the list of tasks that the Wialon Project Implementation team can assist you with, you’ll realize that it’s a truly genuine job meant to help Wialon partners translate their ideas into real use cases."

How the Project Implementation team can assist you

Consulting on projects for new niches

Suppose you have a new client that operates in a niche that you don’t have experience in. The Project Implementation team will back you up in the project, recommend what features and hardware to start with, and help translate your plans into reality.

User requirements analysis for tenders

Suppose you plan to participate in a tender and have some questions regarding customer requirements for the project. You can address your concerns to our Project Implementation specialists. They will review the questions and the project itself and show you how Wialon can fit into it. Moreover, they will help you depict Wialon as the best solution for the project and prepare the necessary documents, increasing your chances of winning the tender.

Advice on custom software development and integrations for new end users

You can also contact the team for advice on developing the Wialon-based custom software and platform integration with third-party systems within a project for a new, demanding fleet owner. It will allow you to create an effective product within a shorter period or integrate a solution more quickly. 

Instructing on specific projects for your clients

During our webinars and conferences, we often discuss with partners how important it is to provide client-tailored solutions that can cover the specific needs of their leads. The implementation team helps deliver solutions to such clients and instructs on custom and specific cases of Wialon setup.

Preparations for the Wialon capabilities demo and help with testing

The Project Implementation specialists are ready to help partners prepare for the demonstration of Wialon to their potential customers. After that, the implementation team supports partners during the phase of Wialon testing by the client to help highlight the platform's capabilities better. As a result, the client will realize the platform's advantages, and there will be more chances that the choice will be made in its favor.

Picking the best features

Wialon can cope with a wide range of tasks in the telematics and IoT field, and the implementation specialists are true experts on the platform's capabilities. The team will help identify the features required for the particular project and recommend the system or hardware setup that will cover client requirements in the best possible way.

Hardware choice and integration

Which hardware to choose from the 2,900 integrated device models available on Wialon? The Project Implementation team will study the peculiarities of your project for your potential customers and help you choose the best option for your particular case. 

Wialon partners and GPS hardware manufacturers can also request device integration with Wialon specifying the device’s communication protocol and describing the project in which this hardware is planned to be used. 

Help with connecting and migrating units

The Project Implementation specialists will help connect new vehicles to Wialon. They will also speed up the migration of units from another system and make the process seamless and painless both for you and your clients.

Help with documentation

These days, huge companies looking for fleet automation solutions tend to compose large lists of system requirements and mandatory features. Our Project Implementation specialists will provide you with the latest ISO certificates, and consult you on specific project documentation points, in case you have any doubts.

Project review and recommendations for improvement

Right after the project has been launched, the implementation team will review its results and offer recommendations for improvement.

Validation and distribution of customer requests to partners

Through the Gurtam website, we receive multiple requests from various businesses willing to start working with Wialon. The Project Implementation team processes these requests and allocates them among Wialon partners taking into account the partner’s location, prior experience with Wialon and the presence of successful cases in the client’s business niche.

To contact the Project Implementation team, drop us a line at project@wialon.com.

Next time, I will tell you about the Partner Growth team. Meanwhile, we will be glad to receive your questions and projects that our implementation team can help you with.

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Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov is Head of the Customer Service Center at Wialon. He provides the partner community with necessary tools, procedures and staff for problem solving in the field of technical consulting, training and project implementation.


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