Telematics Vilnius 2023: unwrapping the year's biggest Wialon partner conference

21 December, 2023
Alena Kalionava

As we wave goodbye to 2023, Wialon concludes the year on a high note with Telematics Vilnius 2023, the ultimate event for Wialon partners that took place on December 6–8. Returning to the capital city of Lithuania, this year's conference surpassed the 2022 edition, offering even more insights and immersive experiences. In the festive Christmas spirit, the Wialon community members came together to celebrate partnership, collaboration, and shared achievements.

Diving into Telematics Vilnius

For those not acquainted with Wialon partner conferences, let's pull back the curtain. Wialon hosts Telematics events globally, uniting its partner community across 150 countries.

Telematics Vilnius takes center stage as the flagship gathering, featuring a multi-track agenda, visits to Gurtam's headquarters, and opportunities to explore the latest telematics hardware — all while connecting with fellow partners.

In 2023, the conference showcased 30 industry-leading speakers, over 20 informative sessions, workshops, and panel discussions — giving the participants an inside look at the heartbeat of the telematics industry. Vilnius welcomed Wialon partners from 50 countries, with an online audience tuning in from all corners of the globe.

All the presentations are already available on And while we can't spotlight every moment in this article, let's rewind the best bits of Telematics Vilnius 2023.

But first, let's set the vibe and enjoy the video capturing the very essence of the event!

Aliaksei Shchurko, Gurtam's CEO: AI shapes up telematics' tomorrow

Kicking off the event, Aliaksei Shchurko, Gurtam CEO, took us on a journey into the future of telematics. He reflected on the industry's challenges and highlighted its steady growth and development, emphasizing the need to keep pace with the ever-evolving telematics market. He offered actionable ideas, including embracing AI and introducing generative AI to daily operations.

Aliaksei Shchurko zooms into the future of telematics

Aliaksei Shchurko zooms into the future of telematics

Aliaksei added that Wialon has already been taking steps to integrate AI into the user interface, envisioning a future where customers could submit images for AI diagnosis.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon: the future of fleet management for the creative and bold

In his keynote speech, Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, dived into the transformative power of community in expanding into new business niches. His talk once again underscored the fundamental role of our partners — telematics service providers — in ensuring the success of fleet operations.

Charting the bold course for shared success with Wialon

Charting the bold course for shared success with Wialon

In the vision articulated by Head of Wialon, the future of fleet management is a playground for the creative and bold. Shared fleets, electric vehicles, and safe driving practices are not just market trends but arenas where Wialon consistently introduces new advanced tools for fleet managers to use. And, of course, our partners are encouraged to leverage these capabilities to accelerate their own growth. Partner success is ingrained in Wialon's DNA. We are ready to support our partners in every endeavor and niche they pursue with Wialon, ensuring excellence in every telematics project they undertake.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau Head of Wialon

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

"Our strong commitment to partner success guarantees our support as you shape the future according to your vision and aspirations. With Wialon, the future is undeniably yours to mold and conquer."

Adding an element of surprise to his speech, Aliaksandr tossed his smartphone against the wall — yes, you've read that right! This unconventional and attention-grabbing move was aimed to underscore the transformations unfolding in the telematics industry. They are reshaping the way both we at Wialon and telematics service providers operate, demanding swift and adaptive responses. At the same time, the changing landscape opens up plenty of new opportunities for Wialon partners to explore, providing innovative services to fleet managers. Addressing the challenge of decreasing service profitability for telematics service providers, Aliaksandr emphasized the crucial need to evolve into consultants and strategic partners for fleet owners. Thriving in this landscape requires more than just installing trackers and distributing software — it's time to become true advisors to businesses, actively helping them gain insights and revolutionize their fleets.

Also, Aliaksandr brought back the playful tradition of handing out rubber duck souvenirs to lucky conference participants — a lighthearted act he introduced at Telematics Dubai 2023. The gift is inspired by the rubber duck debugging method in software development, where programmers explain complex problems to the duck as if it were a fellow developer. This little duck is a reminder that conversations and an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency are the keys to breakthroughs and remarkable results.

Proud owner of a special yellow rubber duck

Proud owner of a special yellow rubber duck

Denis Grebbennikov, Head of Business Development Center: Wialon's journey to 4 million

An enlightening talk by Denis Grebennikov, Head of Business Development Center, provided insights into Wialon's business results in 2023 and the strategic roadmap for 2024.

Denis started with staggering facts, spotlighting Wialon's journey towards 4 million connected vehicles. As of now, Wialon stands at 3.8 million connected assets worldwide. The growth rate is particularly thriving in South America (+32%), Africa (+30%), and the Asia-Pacific region (+29%).

Empowering partners, fueling growth — Denis Grebennikov shares Wialon's path forward

Empowering partners, fueling growth — Denis Grebennikov shares Wialon's path forward

Denis also talked about the immense scale of the world. While our presence spans 150 countries and boasts 3.8+ million connected vehicles, in the grander context, it’s still a mere dot on the global map. The insights and expertise of Wialon partners from one country could easily find relevance elsewhere — it's a valuable asset that we need to leverage. Denis encouraged everyone to broaden their horizons, explore new markets, and embrace diverse locations. After all, in this vast world, there's a wealth of opportunities waiting to be discovered!

Nikolai Melnikov, Head of Customer Service: prioritizing quality and partnership

On the stage, Nikolai Melnikov, Head of Customer Service, shared the secret behind Wialon's exceptional achievements in partner support. Major team changes and restructuring announced at Telematics Vilnius 2022 led to impressive results: throughout the year support team received over 24,000 tickets, and 60% of them were tickets resolved in the first communication. He also revealed some interesting findings from our partner feedback survey, highlighting a significant boost in satisfaction with the Customer Service Center. In 2023, the average rating among partners surged to 8.8, reflecting a noteworthy increase from 7.96 in 2022.

Looking ahead, Nikolai affirmed Wialon's unwavering strategy — a strong focus on quality and partnership.

Decoding the success of Customer Service: Nikolai Melnikov shares the team's results

Decoding the success of Customer Service: Nikolai Melnikov shares the team's results

Visionary keynote by Gerd Leonard: paving the way for the good future

To illuminate the agenda, we've invited a guest speaker — Gerd Leonhard, a renowned futurist and humanist. His thought-provoking speech "Awesome humans on top of amazing technology: how the good future can become reality" left a long-lasting mark on the attendees' minds, offline and online.

Gerd Leonhard takes the stage at Telematics Vilnius 2023

Gerd Leonhard takes the stage at Telematics Vilnius 2023

While addressing the audience, Gerd talked about the lightning speed at which AI is advancing. He explained how we can harness this technological evolution for our benefit, breaking free from routine and enhancing the essence of human work. As technology sets new rules, Gerd also dived into ethical dilemmas. His discussion revolved around the concept of digital ethics and navigating the controversial challenges that arise in the ever-evolving landscape of AI.

The green wave is another trend reshaping industries today, and Gerd provided insights into finding the perfect balance for a sustainable future. He touched upon the role of renewables in 2024, painting a picture of a world where environmental consciousness aligns seamlessly with technological progress. And indeed, the green wave is quite on the rise. Coincidentally, during the days of Telematics Vilnius, a summit took place in Dubai where the world leaders were addressing these very issues!

Gerd Leonhard on the stage at Telematics Vilnius 2023

The talk left everyone deep in thought — minds buzzing, ideas flowing!

Gerd's keynote not only unlocked the doors to tomorrow but also left us with a roadmap to navigate the complexities of a future where humans and technology coexist harmoniously.

Partner presentations: expertise sharing at its best

The stage of Telematics Vilnius was not only set by the Wialon team but also filled with insightful talks and discussions led by our partners.

A round of applause goes to speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise, spotlighting the dynamics of fleet management and its effects across industries. Here are some of the presentations delivered:

  • Milan Šuletić, Product Manager at Sensata INSIGHTS, talked about how specialization trends and the call for increased digitalization are reshaping the telematics landscape. He also emphasized why, from his perspective, Gurtam's approach positions us as fully prepared for these transformative changes.
  • Maxim Kasatkin, CEO of GetGPS, shared his insights on maintaining high quality in the development of Wialon-based apps. He discussed challenges such as diverse user needs and the complexity of the Wialon platform. His proposed solutions included better training, deeper engagement with the Wialon community, iterative development, and a greater focus on user experience.
  • Charles Zaki Azrak, General Manager at Location Solutions, showcased a corporate car-sharing app, a shining example of a high-quality Wialon-based app. The solution enhances fleet utilization by 30% and brings transparency to transportation costs.
  • Tomás Gantes, Product and Innovation Manager at GPS Chile, presented an app that integrates Wialon with hardware designed to stop a vehicle automatically. This innovative solution serves as a powerful deterrent against global car theft, showing the potential of technology in ensuring vehicle security.
  • Yasintha Vithanage, CTO at KLOUDIP (Pvt) Ltd, unveiled EPORT, a Wialon-based solution that manages pickup-to-delivery without human intervention. Unsurprisingly, industry giants like Toyota and MAS, the largest apparel manufacturer in South Asia, actively use EPORT.
  • Daniel Kitin, CEO of CAST ENGINEERING LTD, unveiled an automated tacho file download solution. It enables the automatic download of tacho data for multiple units with a single authorization, eliminating manual data review, saving significant employee time, and minimizing the risk of missing downloads.

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Wialon partners in the limelight, sharing their wisdom and expertise

Technology expo: telematics innovations on display

Amid the captivating on-stage presentations, Telematics Vilnius 2023 unfolded a unique experience for conference attendees at the technology expo. It showcased the most advanced products from leading hardware manufacturers, connectivity providers, and software developers specializing in telematics and IoT. How about we take a virtual tour of the expo together?

Among the participants were such industry giants as Teltonika Telematics, Ruptela, Sensata INSIGHTS, Queclink Wireless Solutions, Location Solutions, Howen Technologies, ELA Innovation, Gosafe, Gosuncn, Cipia, Escort Group, and Mechatronics. This year, we're incredibly proud to exhibit as well — we brought Gurtam's products flespi and GPS-Trace.

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Innovations in the air: expo participants showcasing their next-gen telematics solutions

Beyond the talks: networking, panel discussions, workshops, and gala

Telematics Vilnius 2023 was not just a series of presentations — it was a dynamic interactive event fostering engagement through various activities. The talk agenda overflowed with workshops, enriching panel discussions, and the Q&A session with Wialon executives that addressed partner questions and shared valuable insights.

But what truly defined the essence of the event was the spirit of networking, where business meetings seamlessly blended with casual, friendly conversations. The venue witnessed a vibrant exchange of discussions and ideas, sparking connections far beyond the conference walls.

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Conversations in full swing

Guests could also participate in unique limited-slot activities, such as an excursion through the dungeons of the Vilnius Archcathedral, beer-tasting sessions, and a festive Vilnius Christmas tour. To get the tickets, partners were to win the fun quizzes.

And, of course, Telematics Vilnius 2023 wouldn't be complete without a traditional group photo, capturing the vibe of collaboration, inspiration, and fun shared throughout the conference.

 traditional group photo at Telematics Vilnius 2023

Navigating the challenge of fitting all the attendees into one epic snapshot!

The festive note extended to the gala dinner, with a fabulous party marking the end of the global partner reunion. It was unforgettable!

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Toasting to collaboration at the gala dinner: an evening filled with friendly talks, laughter, and a shared vision

Heartfelt thank you to Wialon partners

As the curtain fell on Telematics Vilnius 2023, we extend a resounding thank you to Wialon partners from around the globe. Your offline and online presence transformed this conference into a vibrant celebration, and we are truly grateful for your dedication despite the hectic schedules and long journeys.

Thanks for being a part of the global Wialon community and empowering millions of fleet owners with our solutions. Your enthusiasm, contributions, and collaboration have been shaping our mutual success, and we eagerly anticipate the continued journey towards innovation and excellence in 2024.

Finishing off with the words of Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

"The true power lies in collaboration. As we introduce new technologies and features, it's your adoption and integration that propels us forward. It's a symbiotic relationship where your feedback, insights, and utilization of Wialon's offerings create a dynamic ecosystem. Your work shapes the future of telematics, and together, we're making this future smart, wise, and human-centric. Thank you for being part of this transformative experience with Wialon. Onwards to new horizons in 2024!"

While we've captured some of the event's magic in this article, it's like squeezing the whole blockbuster into a short trailer. All conference presentations are available on — check them out to relive the experience.

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