Update: what’s new in November 2019

6 December, 2019
Olga Voytikhovich

Today’s article is all about new functionality introduced in November for Wialon Hosting, NimBus, Hecterra, and Fleetrun. By tradition, let’s start off with the monitoring platform.

Wialon Hosting

The Geofence type of report

We added a new type of report – Geofence. The new table shows which units and how many of them visited the selected geofence at a given time.

Wialon Hosting

Example: a client needed a tool to conveniently track the collection of garbage containers. It is quite a challenge to generate the report on each garbage truck and then merge all of them into one. Now, a single report provides information on the frequency of garbage removal from the particular area and which vehicles were engaged.

New custom sensor values in reports

In reports key tables (Fuel thefts, Fuel fillings, Geofences, Eco Driving), we added the columns with maximum, minimum, average, initial, and final values of the custom sensor. It makes the data management even more flexible, allowing, for example, to compare speed data from CAN and GPS.

The ability to change the report filtering order

Now, a user can change the order of the selected filters needed for the report. This order will be applied for filtering the data in the report table.

Example: previously, when you needed the report to show engine hours outside the geofence that lasted more than 10 minutes, the filters left only those rows in which engine hours exceeded 10 minutes, with the intervals outside the geofence extracted from them afterward. With such filter implementation, the report could include the data that actually did not meet the specified conditions. Now you can first filter the intervals outside the geofence, and then – those that lasted more than 10 minutes. Thus, the report data is going to be correct.

With this option, the user can customize the report settings when there are some complicated filtration schemes. 

Wialon Hosting

Dashboard: units handling

We updated the Dashboard making the unit management more efficient. Now, by clicking the unit, the user will see a small window to work with it or obtain complete unit-related information.

Wialon Hosting

Improvement of the Speed notification type

We added the “Unit moves without a driver” option to track the movement of the unit without an assigned driver. It appears on the Speed tab when creating a notification.

Now it is possible to define the vehicles with drivers who, for example, had not used iButton before the trip started. It is effective for tracking stolen cars, as well. 

If the set speed limit is exceeded and the “Object moves without a driver” option is enabled, and the driver wasn’t assigned manually or automatically, the system will generate a corresponding notification.

Wialon Hosting

History storage period notification

We added the notification informing that reducing the history storage period will affect all the dependent accounts. It will help to avoid situations when the storage history is lost beyond retrieval.

CMSv6 video monitoring platform integration

CMSV6 is the Chinese video monitoring platform extremely popular worldwide and integrated with the majority of the Chinese MDVRs. With the new functionality, you get the opportunity to use any of them even if it is not integrated in Wialon directly – single versatile API is quite enough.

Currently, in Wialon, we support:

  • GPS tracks and extra parameters (digital inputs, alarms, ADAS, etc.)
  • Work with cameras: watching online videos, requests for photos.

We have already added over a dozen devices by three manufacturers, and the number is set to rise.

There is a special topic where the Gurtam forum users can learn about the new Wialon Hosting features. Get registered if you haven’t done it yet.


The ability to rename the fleet in the Fleetrun interface 

Previously, users couldn’t edit the fleet name in the interface of the app even when the name of the corresponding account in Wialon was changed. Now, this option is available in fleet settings.

Wialon Hosting

Unit management when administering the fleet

Previously, when trying to add the unit to the fleet, users could only see that this unit had already been added to some other fleet. According to Fleetrun’s logic, the unit can be in only one fleet. So, in the situation above, it was difficult to find out in which one. Now the process became easier, as the fleet name is shown next to the unit.

Note that if you see the “Watched by other fleet” caption next to the unit instead of the fleet name, it means that you don’t have access to this fleet. 

Wialon Hosting

Services import

If you previously used Excel to control maintenance works in your fleets but now want to switch to Fleetrun, you can transfer the entire service history to a new app with just a couple of clicks. Import the data from your current system to Fleetrun in order not to start everything from scratch.

Wialon Hosting

Find more details on Fleetrun new features in this topic.


New functionality for Locator links 

We added the ability to change the Locator link so it could lead to the particular route or stop (and not all routes at once). It will help to avoid looking for the needed entity each time.

Example: On the bus stop, you can place the QR code with the preset link that will lead to Locator with the schedule for this particular stop.

The map scaling in Locator

Previously, if there were many stops in the city/town, the user had to scale the map to be able to use it. Now, after clicking the location button, the map is centered while its scale allows to easily see the closest stops. It helps when you need to quickly define the location after opening the Locator link.

GTFS import improvement

We introduced two import types. The first type is adding: new data is added to the already existing one while the elements with the same names are interchanged. The other type is merging: new data is added to the already existing one while the elements with the same name are left untouched. Thus, the user can decide what the system should do with the imported data.

Wialon Hosting

Extra information on the routes 

Now, on the Routes tab, you will see the date of the latest change applied to the route and the number of schedules in it. It will help to quickly understand which routes should be changed or deleted (for example, routes without any schedules) as well as monitor their relevance.

Wialon Hosting

New interface language

Now NimBus is available in the Indonesian language.

Visit our forum and discover more about NimBus.


Speed as a mark of cultivation quality

Some operations can be performed effectively only at the right speed. For example, you should plow at 5-7 km/h. That’s why it is essential to control the speed to analyze the cultivation quality.

Now, you can set the speed limits in the operation settings. The track sections with violated speed limits are marked with a different color – yellow when the speed was lower than needed, and red when the speed was higher.

Wialon Hosting

Visual representation of the work sensor in a cultivation

Now, the track sections where the cultivation was performed with the work sensor turned on are marked with dark-blue. The option is available for compound cultivations, as well.

Wialon Hosting

Skipping of the same-name fields when importing fields from a file

To prevent the user from creating multiple duplicates when importing data from a file, we added the option to skip same-name fields if such fields already exist in the system. To do so, activate the “Skip same-name fields” option in the dialogue box when importing data.

Deleting a field with cultivations 

Now, it’s much harder to accidentally delete the field with registered cultivations. If the field you are trying to delete has at least one registered cultivation, Hecterra will request extra confirmation for its deleting.

Limitation of the implement working width

To avoid unrealistic settings, we set the implement working width at 99,9 meters.

Full-screen map mode

For the users’ convenience, we added the full-screen mode for the map on the cultivation page.

Wialon Hosting

Information on the work sensor in the developer mode 

Previously, in the developer mode in the cultivation settings, when hovering over the information icon, you could see the time when the cultivation was found, the time of the beginning of the working day, and the field version. With the current update, we also added the name of the sensor, which was used to calculate this cultivation.

More details on the Hecterra new features are in this topic.

In a month, we will prepare the review of December features. Meanwhile, feel free to try and test the new functionality of the platform and apps and leave your comments on the Gurtam forum as well.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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