Queclink GV600MA

Queclink GV600MA
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Number of units

Supported in Wialon:
  • Communication via TCP
  • Communication via UDP

The following data should also be added to Queclink GV600MA unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Queclink GV600MA
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Queclink GV600MA for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21820

526 units of Queclink GV600MA device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.02% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
mcc# mcc#, where # - number
mnc# mnc#, where # - number
lac# lac#, where # - number
cell_id# cell_id#, where # - number
pwr_ext External Power V
pwr_ext2 External Power 2 V
rep_id Report ID
rep_type Report type
mileage Odometer value
hour_meter_count Hours counter
adc1 Analog input 1
temp_sens_ID Temperature sensor ID
temp_sens_data Temperature sensor data
csq_rssi CSQ RSSI
csq_ber CSQ BER
is_pwr_ext External Power Supply
pwr_int Backup Battery V
charging Charging
led_on LED On
io_mode IO Mode
ble_sens#_mac BLE sensor# MAC ID, where # - number
ble_sens#_temp BLE sensor # Tem Data, where # - number
ble_sens#_voltage BLE sensor # voltage, where # - number
roaming_state Roaming state
wave1_out_id Wave Output ID
wave1_out_active Wave 1 Output Active
input_id Input ID
last_fuel_level Last Fuel Level
current_fuel_level Current Fuel Level
geo_id Trigger geo ID
geo_enable Trigger geo enable
geo_mode Trigger geo mode
geo_radius Geo radius
geo_check_interval Geo check interval
geo_area Geo area
soft_ver Software version
hard_ver Hardware version

Modem hardware version

modem_sw_ver Modem hardware version
onewire#_id 1-Wire ID #, where # - number
onewire#_type 1-Wire type #, where # - number
onewire#_data 1-Wire data #, where # - number
state State
ign Ignition
harsh_speed_level Harsh speed level
harsh_behavior Harsh behavior
avl_trailer_# Trailer ID #, where # - number
trailer_#_input Trailer input #, where # - number
flow_sensor_a Flow sensor A
flow_sensor_b Flow sensor B
transparent_num Transparent number
transparent_data Transparent data
gtdata_report_type GTDAT report format
temp_sensor1 Temperature sensor 1
temp_sensor2 Temperature sensor 2
fuel_level1 Fuel level 1
fuel_level2 Fuel level 2
humidity_sensor1 Humidity sensor 1
humidity_sensor2 Humidity sensor 2
gas_sensor1 Gas sensor 1
gas_sensor2 Gas sensor 2
analog_input1 Analog input 1
analog_input2 Analog input 2
pressure_wheels# Pressure in wheel #, where # - number
can_bus_speed CAN bus speed
can_bus_rpm CAN bus rpm
can_bus_fuel_level CAN bus fuel level
can_bus_check CAN bus check
can_bus_temp CAN bus temperature
pc_status PC status
pc_n PC n
rbct_report_type RBST report type
rbst_send_interval RBST send interval
rbst_engine_hours RBST engine motohours
rbsb_report_type RBSB report type
rbdoor_report_type RBDOOR report type
rbin_report_type RBIN report type
rbow_repoort_type RBOW report type
one_wire_input1 1-Wire input 1
one_wire_input2 1-Wire input 2
reduction_of_speed Reduction of speed
over_speed RBTEL over speed
over_rpm RBTEL over rpm
over_temp RBTEL over temperature
rallenti_over_time RBTEL rallenti over time
back_door RBTEL back door
security_belt RBTEL security belt
program_counter RBTEL program counter
rbcan_report_type RBCAN report type
rbcan_send_interval RBCAN send interval
rbcan_bus_speed RBCAN bus speed
rbcan_bus_fuel_level RBCAN bus fuel level
rbcan_bus_rpm RBCAN bus rpm
rbcan_bus_check RBCAN bus check
rbcan_bus_temp RBCAN bus temperature
dsl_status DSL status
dsl_tank1 DSL tank 1
dsl_tank2 DSL tank 2
dsl_tank3 DSL tank 3
dsl_total DSL tank total
update_code Update code
update_download_times Update downloads times
backup_batterry Backup battery
ext_gps_ant External gps antena
jamming_status Jamming status
ign_off_duration Ignition off duration
ignition_on_duration Ignition on duration
idling Idling
camera_id Camera ID
lsa_alarm_type LSA alarm type
lsa_light_level LSA light level

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