Wialon-Service connects the 100,000th unit: moving in the right direction

11 November, 2019
Olga Voytikhovich

It has already become a good tradition to mark another 100,000 units connected to Wialon. This number is a true evidence of the hard work of 1,600 Gurtam partners in 130 countries. Just a few months ago, we wrote about hardware manufacturers who had more than 100,000 devices on Wialon, besides there is a technology partner who has over 200,000 devices on the platform. But none of Gurtam partners has ever connected 100,000 units. Until now.

This fall, Wialon-Service from Tolyatti (Russia) connected the anniversary 100,000th unit which wasn’t accidental at all. Keep reading to find out the company’s key to success and not just that.  

It all started with as much as two connected units in 2008. In 2010, the company became the Gurtam partner; a year later, it launched its own Gepard hardware product line for transport monitoring and fuel control; in 2013, it received the status of “The best Wialon dealer network in the Russian Federation.” Then they created their own software development department and since that time have been ranking highly in the Gurtam global partner rating.    

The year after that, the company launched NEKTA, an innovative IoT project

NEKTA is a platform supporting over 200 various devices: electricity meters, heat calculators, water and gas meters, etc. They keep track of resources consumption, their leakage, and other parameters of vital importance for housing and public utilities sphere.

In 2017, the company took it rightful place at the Gurtam Wialon TOP 50 Global top.


The Wialon TOP 50 Global award ceremony, 2018

Gurtam IoT zones in Russia (we organized the last one at Comtrans at the beginning of September) can’t do without Wialon-Service as well where the guys present their projects and solutions.


Wialon-Service team at Gurtam IoT zone (Comtrans 2019)

Rosneft Oil Company and Russian Coal, AvtoVAZ and Lukoil Oil Company are among their clients. The company’s solutions helped to track an extreme sled dog race, control taxi, arrange logistics in online stores, and this is just a few examples of what Wialon-Service specialists can do.

We contacted Anatoliy Sidorov, CEO, Wialon-Service, to congratulate the company on the achieved milestone and ask some questions about the projects and plans for the future.  


Anatoliy Sidorov

CEO, Wialon-Service

Gurtam: Was the connection of the 100,000th unit unexpected for you? Or were you keeping an eye on the number?

Anatoliy: We were watching the number, of course. The whole company was super excited about it.

What do you feel about the achievement? What does it mean for the company, its employees, and your clients?

When we started our company 11 years ago, we were looking forward to connecting 1,000 units. 100,000 units seemed unreal. Truth be told, even now it’s hard for us to believe we did it. Even though we have been doing a lot over all these years to achieve the goal.

As a result, our team did connect 100,000 units. It means we are doing the right thing and going in the right direction. It also means a huge responsibility entailing the hard work, maybe even harder than before: improving the quality of services, offering new solutions, and finding new opportunities. But we are ready for this. 


Wialon-Service team at Gurtam IoT-zone (Comtrans 2019)

What factors allowed you to reach this mark the first of all other Gurtam partners?

First of all, our decision to develop the partner network. At some point, we saw a good opportunity in it. Even now we do our best to find an individual approach to each customer and help them develop their businesses. We want our partners to grow as this is how our company grows too.        

It is hardly possible to picture Wialon-Service without the constant analysis of our partners’ needs and search for new solutions. 

We’ve always been focused on the service quality, helping clients with all kinds of issues and sharing our experience. Each employee strives to solve the issue no matter what.     

Share your latest news: what is the company dealing with right now?

We need a lot of highly qualified specialists to cater for this number of units. So, we’re hiring and training them,enhance our skill set and knowledge base to be able to offer new solutions to the market such as video monitoring, for example.

Nowadays, clients prefer company processes automation rather than basic vehicles monitoring. That’s why we are actively integrating Wialon with other information systems.

Anatoliy, what are the immediate plans for Wialon-Service?

We’ll keep working on additional services development for Wialon and increasing the service level for our clients. To make the result sustainable, we plan on focusing on the services quality for the achieved number of connected units.

Maria Tkachenko, Gurtam Regional Manager, sends her congratulations to Wialon-Service: 


“When I started working at Gurtam 4 years ago, my mentor highlighted Wialon-Service as an active and a very promising partner. Looking back now, I realize she was absolutely right. 

Such qualities as sound approach, attention to details, the desire to grow and make their clients grow helped the company to go this far. Not to mention a great team and the company management (Maksim, Dmitriy, Anatoliy, hello!).

It’s encouraging to see how specialists turn into experts, see the changes in the company and its business-processes, how the guys proactively address the market challenges and love what they do.

It’s an honour and great pleasure for us to work with your truly professional team. Thank you for your efforts and energy you put into our cooperation, for personal involvement and professional attitude towards each and every project and client! 

Don’t stop and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals!”


This is the first time in the history of the Gurtam community when a company connected 100,000 units. But definitely not the last, as Wialon TOP 50 Global partners keep connecting even now when you are reading this article. We’re tracking their progress and can’t wait to congratulate our next champion.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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