Top 10 most-read Gurtam blog articles of 2020

2 February, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

We always strive to keep our community well-informed and provide its members with the most useful articles about Wialon, new integrations, hardware, use cases, telematics, and IoT on the whole. Thanks for your wish to learn and your interest in what we share. Today, we’ve prepared a selection of our most popular blog posts of 2020 for you. 

10. Kenya as a telematics potential of Africa

Kenya as a telematics potential of Africa

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, the Head of Wialon Division, and Olga Filonchuk, the Head of International Business Development Center, talk about the prospects of the telematics services in Africa and share their impressions of the trip to Kenya.

We believe that we will be able to reunite with the members of the Wialon community offline very soon. Now, we feel nostalgic looking back on our past meetings in person. In 2019, we visited our African partners, which allowed our managers to understand the region’s market better. This article is a dive into the telematics trends and business running peculiarities in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

9. How to create a proper accounts hierarchy?

Accounts hierarchy

Wialon is a sophisticated monitoring system. To make the most of its capabilities, tools, options, and other elements, one needs a proper accounts hierarchy. Our specialists provide extremely detailed recommendations on how to create an effective structure of accounts. 

Any integrator will find this data-rich article useful. Rules and secrets, answers to the frequently asked questions, and clear, practical examples will help manage work with almost any number of accounts and connected units. 

8. Infographic: 2,500,000 units on Wialon in figures

2,500,000 units on Wialon in figures

Despite all the hardships that 2020 brought to us, Gurtam had a victory to celebrate – the 2,500,000th unit was connected to Wialon. Our GPS tracking and IoT system became the biggest monitoring platform in the world!

The infographic describes the achievement in numbers. A million units were connected to Wialon during two years in 130 countries. More than 2200 device models (it’s hardware from 590 manufacturers) are integrated with Wialon. 750 000 units are tracked online every minute, which means 2,1 million messages per minute. 172 Gurtam employees work on Wialon. There are some more impressive figures in the article – drop in to know more!

7. Wialon and chatbots by Geoservice to fight car thefts

Wialon and chatbots by Geoservice

A chatbot can do a lot when it comes to the automation of processes. This case study shows how Wialon and a virtual assistant by Geoservice managed to facilitate fleet management and secure vehicles from theft in the Moscow region.

Wialon blocks a truck’s engine when it leaves a certain Geofence preventing a vehicle from being stolen. The Geoservice chatbot solves another associated problem. It automatically approves night trips for drivers. As a result, it’s not necessary to have a dispatcher at the working place to permit a trip at night. Read the whole article to learn about other ways of using a combination of Wialon and chatbots.

6. Wialon certification is free

Wialon certification

While the installations were on hold and many clients had to suspend telematics services, we decided to support our partners by, among other actions, making the Wialon certification free of charge. 

First, we planned to make this offer active only during the quarantine and lockdowns but later realized that we could allow our partners to get certificates for free at any time. We hope that this initiative will help integrators learn more about Walon and boost their business development. 

5. Attracting new clients with updated global Wialon partner map

Wialon partner map

Recently, we have launched a new global Wialon partner map. It is a convenient tool for getting new clients right from the official Gurtam website.

The map displays the Wialon partners’ offices registered via Potential clients visiting our website can choose a provider from their region and apply for services straight away. The request is sent to, where integrators get down to it. So, make sure that your office is on the map!

The article also contains useful information about the updates in work with offices on

4. Gurtam visited the key technology partner Teltonika

Teltonika visit

In 2020, Teltonika occupied 2nd place in our TOP 10 GPS manufacturers rating, giving in only to Navtelecom. The same year, we were honored to visit the company’s office and factory in Lithuania.

During the trip, we learned many exciting facts about Teltonika and its products and discussed the ways of enhancing our cooperation. Now we know more about the company’s workflow, its plans, and concerns. It will help us improve our collaboration in the future. We are looking forward to seeing more of the telematics hardware manufacturers offline! Let’s hope that it will become possible very soon.

3. Wialon-based solution for cargo safety in Ukraine

Cargo safety in Ukraine

Our Ukrainian partner UMT created a Wialon-based solution to secure cargo from theft. The system is called Sirena.

A driver hears a signal in case of unauthorized vehicle opening and can take action to prevent theft. As a result, a driver can focus on the road instead of watching cargo all the time. The solution also allows participating in tenders with strict cargo safety requirements. Check out our use cases library for more case studies.

2. IoT project of the year: contest results

IoT project of the year

In 2020, we were challenged to hold the IoT project of the year contest during the pandemic. We had to do everything online: from accepting and processing projects to arranging the awards ceremony. And we did it! The winners were announced online on September 3, 2020!

IoT project of the year is the first global annual competition of telematics-related IoT solutions. Our expert jury processed more than 100 projects and chose the best ones across 16 nominations. Participation in the contest allows you to show your achievements to the community and promote your company. It’s about time to start thinking about what solutions you can send us this year!

1. Integration of Wialon system and CMSv6 platform

Integration of Wialon and CMSv6

Video monitoring has become a strong and steady trend in 2020-2021. We at Gurtam try to be in line with current tendencies. Therefore, we integrated Wialon with a popular MDVR platform CMSv6.

This integration made video monitoring in Wialon much more advanced and accessible. We added several new video features to the platform: time-saving service, live stream, picture snapshots, video playback, and downloading. CMSv6 is the most popular platform for MDVR in China. We didn’t have to integrate the individual device protocols, instead, we integrated the API of CMSv6, the platform that operates with the majority of Chinese MDVRs. 

For more integrations available for Wialon, please check out our marketplace.

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.