Telematics CDMX 2023: Wialon partner traditional large-scale reunion

15 May, 2023
Ekaterina Terekhova

In this article, we have prepared a short recap of all that was going on at Telematics CDMX 2023 partner conference, which took place on April 17. We believe that the best introduction to our review would be the words of Daniel Carreras, CEO of Total Tracking Center:

"Excellent! I've been coming here for a few years already, and with each year the conference is getting larger in scale and more informative. This is always a great opportunity to learn about the market trends, Wialon updates, and other Gurtam products that we might not be aware of. It is a perfect place to communicate with the Wialon team and discuss the prospects for business expansion not only in Mexico, but also in the whole Latin America."

Traditionally, the annual Wialon Telematics CDMX partner conference took place a day before Expo Seguridad 2023, one of the largest exhibitions of security technologies in Latin America. This year, the conference gathered more than 150 participants! Get more insights from the event in the video below: 

Read on to learn the most important and useful information from the event or to reminisce what it was like.

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Presentations by the Wialon team

Just like at Telematics Mexico 2022, Denis Grebennikov, Head of Business Development Center, Wialon opened the conference with a welcoming speech. He highlighted the importance of the Wialon community, outlined the company’s position as strictly a developer that neither offers hardware nor works with the end-users of the product. Denis also spoke about our relationships with other market players, and elaborated on the important changes in the Business Development Center (BDC) structure and their positive influence on the work with the potential and existing partners. 

The key takeaways of his talk:

  • Thanks to the joint efforts of partners and the Wialon team, 3,500,000 units were connected to Wialon, the ultimate platform for GPS tracking and IoT;
  • Wialon is a natural ally of other market players. The business model implies the distribution of Wialon only through the network of partners. This and many other core values are reflected in the Wialon policy.
  • Previously, BDC teams operated while being distributed across regions. Upon a thorough analysis, this approach to the organization of teams was changed and they were restructured according to their areas of activity. The new BDC structure consists of the following teams: Partner Success Team (Spanish, English, Russian), New Sales Team and Competence Development Team.

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Wialon strategic development on the Latin American market

The next speaker, Tatyana Chubarova, Head of Partner Success Team Spanish, Wialon, dedicated her report to the Wialon activities and achievements over the past year in the Latin American region. 

According to it, from March 2022 to March 2023, the number of connected vehicles in South America increased by a third, while in North America by a fifth. Nearly half of the North American new units were connected in Mexico. Impressive, isn't it? 

Based on the total number of vehicles connected, North America ranks third, and South America ranks fifth. These figures show us that the growth dynamics of the region is positive and steady. At the same time, the market can definitely provide even more opportunities for growth.

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Visibility of the Wialon brand in the region

Like in other regions of Wialon presence, our partners in Latin America typically offer GPS tracking services both under the Wialon brand and under their own brands. Each partner can count on 24/7 technical assistance, marketing support, business development and system implementation support to provide fleet owners with a reliable and globally recognized product. 

Analyzing the visibility of the Wialon brand, we noticed that our brand is known to a large number of users in the South American region. Anyway, we would like to remind you that we do not work with end users. In 2022, we redirected 60% of the requests to our partners, the rest of them were discarded as not relevant. Interest in Wialon among fleet and stationary asset owners continues to grow. If you want to make your business more visible to customers, we recommend taking advantage of the Wialon partner map. In South America, the number of end users received directly from the partner map is 38% more than in the MENA region.

Important updates in Wialon

The next speaker, who deserves to be called the “superhero” of the Wialon universe, was Koven Cheung, Technical Growth Manager, Wialon. He presented the latest developments of the Wialon platform. 

We kindly remind you that we’ve been listing all the new features and tools added to Wialon on our blog throughout the year. Use the hashtag #Updates to stay up to date with what's new.

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LeaseControl: new perspectives for your business

Miguel Pedroza, Partner Success Manager, Wialon, presented LeaseControl, the new Gurtam solution for the vehicle leasing industry.

LeaseControl is part of the ecosystem of solutions offered by Gurtam for asset tracking and insurance. It is an innovative product with unique features designed specifically for the automotive leasing market. It offers real-time tracking and facilitates vehicle recovery in case of contract violations or theft. 

Customer Service Center: how we improve interaction with partners

During his presentation, Dmitry Ahei, Technical Care Engineer, Wialon, pointed out recent changes in the Customer Service Center. We recently published a series of blog posts dedicated to the transformation of the department and its 4 new teams: Technical Care, Project Implementation, Partner Growth and Quality Control and Training. However, it was important for us to focus once again on the benefits of this change for our partners.

Use cases

The success of the platform is driven by the effective solutions that the partner community provides to their customers. Ezequiel Barrios, Technical Growth Manager, Wialon, and Mauro Morla, Project Implementation Manager, Wialon, shared successful projects about implementing Wialon in the insurance sector, and increasing productivity with Logistics and WiaTag in a company that specializes in ATMs, POS terminals and IT equipment.

Feel free to explore more successful projects in various industries in our use cases library.

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Panel discussions

This year, when preparing for Telematics CDMX 2023, we decided to make partner presentations more interactive and discuss the industry's hot topics in the format of panel discussions. This way, leading hardware manufacturers, connectivity providers and other telematics market players were able to share their expertise and exchange their opinions. 

We organized three panels:

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Panelists discussed telematics trends in Latin America and how these trends are shaping the future of the industry, the challenges that telematics companies face when trying to scale their operations in Latin America and what strategies they can use to overcome those challenges, as well as what to keep in mind when offering video telematics solutions to end customers.


Tatyana Chubarova,
Head of Partner Success Team Spanish, Wialon

"Mexico is one of our key markets in both Americas, and it ranks first in Latin America in terms of the number of vehicles connected to Wialon. And the growing interest of our current and future partners in the region is twice as important. We deeply appreciate the trust our partners place in Wialon, and although we cannot speak for the whole world, we are proud that together with the partner community we are transforming the world of telematics for the better."

Feel free to check out the photo album on Facebook to enjoy the atmosphere of the conference. Also, check the events calendar to know the upcoming events we are participating in, andsign up for the blog updates to stay up to date with the latest news about Wialon and Gurtam. 

Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina is the Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who creates content for the Spanish-speaking members of the Wialon community. She is never tired of helping partners with all the possible issues they might have.


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