A new ticket every 9 minutes. What was 2023 like for Customer Service Center

11 March, 2024
Elizaveta Guliaeva

Customer Service Center is the first aid department in Wialon. Its specialists answer your requests 24/7 in 5 languages, help you integrate new hardware, and even launch telematics projects with you in new niches. A team of 54 experts, working remotely across various regions, functions as a cohesive unit, expertly handling these and other responsibilities for over 2,600 partners globally.

Those who attended Telematics Vilnius 2023 or joined the conference online were the first to learn about the remarkable achievements of Customer Service Center in 2023, presented by Nikolai Melnikov, Head of Customer Service Center at Wialon. This article briefly shares these results and the outcomes of a satisfaction survey conducted last year. Let’s get started!

customer service center 2023

Nikolai Melnikov at Telematics Vilnius 2023

2023 at a glance for Customer Service Center

In 2023, the Technical Care team in Customer Service Center processed more than 24,000 tickets from almost 1,600 partners, contrasting with the previous year’s 21,500 tickets received from 1,900 partners. The change in the number of partners contacting Technical Care is due to many partners now sending requests directly to other Customer Service teams, namely Partner Growth and Project Implementation.

However, we’ve noticed that the partners reaching out to Technical Care team have become more engaged, which has already resulted in a higher number of tickets per partner.

In 2022, Customer Service received a new ticket every 12 minutes. In 2023, it was every 9 minutes. On average, Technical Care team replied to 80% of tickets within 4 hours, which is twice as fast compared to our public SLA of 8 hours. Importantly, 60% of tickets were resolved in a single reply. In other cases, the questions received required more careful study, analysis, and sometimes further lengthy work.

Customer Service frequently receives inquiries from partners seeking assistance not only in resolving specific technical issues but also in enhancing their overall product knowledge or working on unique projects with new clients. To address these needs, Partner Growth and Project Implementation teams within Customer Service Center provide necessary support and guidance, respectively.

Last year, Partner Growth team held over 950 training sessions and certified 230 Wialon specialists. Project Implementation team, in turn, helped partners deliver more than 1,000 fleet management projects


Nikolai Melnikov
Head of Customer Service Center

“I find these results impressive. Every team in the Customer Service Center has set high standards and has no intention of lowering them. I would also like to thank partners who consistently provide us with feedback on our work — this is always important and helps us improve.”

How we take care of you. The new survey results

Feedback does matter. Therefore, we invite Wialon partners to participate in surveys evaluating their experience with Customer Service Center. In 2023, around 200 partners filled out our questionnaire. We appreciate everyone who participated, and now, it’s time to see the results.

According to our partners’ feedback, 84% of them were completely satisfied with their experience in the Customer Service Center, which is consistent with the level of satisfaction recorded in the previous survey. 

Next, we will show you more detailed results by teams. 

technical care survey results

Technical Care survey results

The 2023 survey indicates significant improvements across all work aspects for Technical Care team, such as speed, quality, and tone of responses. Notably, satisfaction with receiving solutions in simple terms saw a substantial increase, with 82% of respondents marking a positive shift from the 2022 survey.

We’ve also noticed positive changes in partners’ perception of getting single-window answers. More people are now satisfied with receiving clear solutions directly in emails rather than receiving links with instructions. In 2023, 79% of respondents expressed contentment with this approach.

partner growth survey results

Partner Growth survey results

Partner Growth team also demonstrated good results. 63% of respondents were fully satisfied with the quality of demo sessions. This marks a 23 percentage points increase compared to 2022.

project implementation survey results

Project Implementation survey results

Project Implementation team received high praise as well. 86% of partners who provided feedback noted the team’s attentiveness to their questions and the comprehensiveness of answers received. Additionally, 85% of respondents underscored the high quality of solutions delivered by the team.

After analyzing the first survey results, we took substantial steps to improve the quality of our services. The figures for 2023 indicated that Wialon partners have recognized our efforts. We encourage you to continue providing feedback, as it directly influences the quality and scope of our services.

Lastly, we want to remind you that beyond participating in surveys, you’re always welcome to share your feedback about Customer Service’s performance. You can reach out anytime at support@wialon.com or directly to Nikolai Melnikov at n.melnikov@wialon.com

Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Gurtam. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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