IoT project of the year 2022: the winners in the spotlight

25 October, 2022
Alena Kashkevich

Just a while ago, Wialon held a third annual IoT project of the year 2022 award ceremony in Dubai. The time has come to sum up the results of the competition and talk about the best telematics and IoT solutions of 2022. It’s noteworthy that among the winners, there are truly successful projects that help save thousands of fuel litters every month, reduce the number of speed violations by 90%, facilitate corporate transportation of more than 20,000 employees, and much more.

As you may have noticed, the data collected from IoT devices in the winning IoT projects help tackle real problems, reduce costs, and improve services. Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, explains how IoT data should be used to transform the world around.

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Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

"The demand for smart sensors and IoT-based solutions will grow as connectivity improves and gets cheaper. In this situation, our goal as software and service provider is to embed the components of digital transformation in business processes and daily life. These days, data measured by sensors often goes to a specific chart or dashboard and ends up there. I see it as a sign of failure. 

Luckily, it’s not the case for most of the IoT solutions that we awarded in Dubai. The winners of our competition are not only masters of technology but, what is very important, they managed to convey it to the consumer. 

Success is when parameters from sensors don’t just end up in a chart but become part of a business process, when you use Wialon API to deliver the data from a sensor to a BI system or directly to a decision maker. As a result, it helps save, say, 10 liters of fuel or allows delivering a package 15 minutes earlier. That is how data from IoT devices should reshape daily routines and business processes."

Global IoT trends

This year, we received IoT projects from 24 countries. Based on these solutions, we can single out some of the most demanded IoT features on the global market that are highly required in various industries in different countries. Among the competition participants, many projects covered:

  • driver behavior scoring;
  • live video streaming;
  • fuel theft detection;
  • maintenance management.

Some features and technologies were not widely presented among this year's participants. Still, the Wialon Project Implementation team keeps receiving requests for these technologies from different parts of the world. So we would like to point them out for you as well: 

  • electric cars and scooter GPS tracking;
  • big data/AI analytical and data processing capabilities;
  • the indoor monitoring of various facilities;
  • data security. 

There are also some other curious observations. 

  • Half of the submitted IoT solutions comprise a custom app or integration designed for the end customer. It showcases the participants’ urge to offer client-tailored solutions that help solve real problems and go beyond out-of-the-box solutions if it brings better results.

  • More than half of all projects this year got the highest possible mark for the criterion “business automation.” It means that most of the projects provide automation of several or all business processes. 

  • 40% of all the evaluated IoT projects also got the highest mark for the criterion “aftersale support.” So documentation, training, and tech support seem to stay in trend as it was last year, or maybe even become an integral part of a successful project.

Head of project implementation

Andrei Liatsetski
Head of Project Implementation team

"While choosing the winners, the jury team tried to point out service providers that were the most innovative, came up with the best IoT-based solutions on the market, and could be some sort of inspiration to other companies. It’s an honor for us to award those who do their best in the IoT domain and become trendsetters. These companies are brave enough to go beyond, no matter what software and hardware they use. The whole telematics and IoT community is grateful to them for sharing their expertise and inspiring others."

We’ve summarized the winning projects for you below. Follow the links in the subtitles to read full IoT and telematics use cases. 

Cold chain IoT solutions: last-mile delivery optimization

MaliaTec, Lebanon

Nomination: Cold chain transportation

Last mile delivery optimization

MaliaTec developed a project for Transcorp International, a leading provider of cold chain IoT solutions across the UAE. The solution helped adjust the client’s operations and visualize what was happening on the ground to enhance service quality. One of the most impressive project results is zero road accidents with the client’s vehicles involved within 5 months after the project was implemented and a 4% reduction in delivery time.

Dispatch management system and a client portal for a building material company


Nomination: Ready-mix concrete

Dispatch management system

Geoservice provided a major construction company with an IoT solution that streamlines dispatching activities and facilitates client communication. The Wialon-based dispatch management system comprises two portals. The first portal allows dispatchers to have order-related information in front of them and make data-based decisions. The second one helps clients track their deliveries. The solution brought several strategic and operational improvements to delivery processes and customer service on the whole.

Accident monitoring system with AI cameras for a transportation company in Mexico

Cobertura Total en Telemetria, Mexico

Nomination: Long-haul shipping

Accident monitoring system

Cobertura Total en Telemetria developed a GPS tracking solution for Frio Express, a carrier providing transportation and logistics solutions across Mexico and America. An accident monitoring system with Howen video cameras provides the client with the means to track driver behavior and prevent road accidents. As a result, Frio Express can monitor its drivers, provide insurance companies and customers with video proof, and minimize accidents.

Fuel consumption monitoring and fleet management tracking system for a wood industry company


Nomination: Fuel transportation and storage

Fleet management tracking system

Geoservice worked on a complex IoT solution that allowed the company, which is a national leader in the timber industry, to reduce fuel costs by up to 50%. To achieve such an excellent result, Geoservice developed and implemented the data transfer protocol to receive telemetry from various vehicle types. They also created a custom Wialon-based fleet management tracking system and united data from CRM, the fleet management solution, and the accounting system in a single information space.

Fuel monitoring system in South Africa

Tracking Africa, South Africa

Nomination: Construction and demolition

Fuel monitoring system

Tracking Africa knows how to save thousands of fuel liters. The Wialon partner implemented a fuel theft control system that allows a construction company to save 4,500 liters of fuel every month. Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire specializes in road, water pipeline, and reservoir construction services and owns a fleet of 100 vehicles. The company needed a solution to cope with not only fuel theft but also meet several other challenges, such as more convenient access to telematics data, better communication with customers, construction materials safety, and others. 

Staff transport management system for a garment company in Sri Lanka

KLOUDIP, Sri Lanka

Nomination: Public transport

Staff transport management system

Corporate transport management might be a tough nut to crack, especially when you have to care about the transportation of not less than 20,000 employees every day. This was the challenge that Brandix Apparel, the largest garment exporter from Sri Lanka, faced. The Wialon partner KLOUDIP offered an employee transport management solution to solve the problem. The IoT solution implementation resulted in $12,500 in savings per month and several other benefits for the client.

IoT farming solution: GPS tracking for agriculture management

Ananas Global, Israel

Nomination: Agriculture

Clever farm management

This IoT farming solution was implemented for an IoT startup from Israel. The Wialon partner helped pick a suitable tracker and a tracking platform to integrate with the client’s product – FarmManager, an IoT-based agriculture monitoring system. As a result, the FarmManager app is ready for worldwide use and can be quickly deployed without significant investment into hardware and software.

Driver safety monitoring system for a transportation company in the Arctic


Nomination: Public safety

Driver safety monitoring system

Trustworthy carriers always pay attention to security, especially in remote areas with severe weather conditions. Nord Tranzit knows it first-hand as the company specializes in goods transportation in the Arctic. Montrans provided the carrier with a driver safety monitoring solution comprising a custom four-button alert system mounted inside the driver’s cabin and Montrans Assistance and video system to monitor driver behavior. The IoT solution helped secure drivers, minimize costs on lost products and wrecked equipment, and maintain Nord Tranzit’s reputation as a reliable transportation company.

Fleet GPS tracking system for Thailand Post Distribution

Ruptela, Lithuania

Nomination: Local deliveries

Fleet GPS tracking system

For this project Ruptela, Lithuania, teamed up with Xsense, Thailand, specializing in fleet GPS tracking services. The two companies developed a fleet GPS tracking solution that helped Thailand Post Distribution Co to secure their vehicles and cargos, discipline drivers, comply with the local state regulations, and reduce fuel consumption.

Driver risk management system for a cargo management company in Tanzania

Afritrack, Tanzania

Nomination: Special recognition

Driver risk management system

Driver skills and discipline are the key factors contributing to vehicle and cargo safety. Afritrack created a driver risk management system that allowed Bravo Logistics, a transportation company from Tanzania, to detect high-risk drivers. The IoT solution implementation also resulted in the company’s ability to address up to 90% of the incident alerts promptly. The client's drivers, vehicles, and cargoes are well-protected now.

Driver behavior monitoring based on OBC tracking

TrakLink, Jordan

Nomination: Special recognition

OBC tracking

Drivers shouldn’t exceed the allowed working hours as driving when tired can be dangerous. Nevertheless, some drivers still break this rule for various reasons, endangering their lives, vehicles, and the lives of others. TrakLink implemented a project for TotalEnergies, an international energy company in Jordan to prevent excessive driving time and track driver behavior. The driver behavior monitoring system that collects data from onboard computers (OBCs) of the vehicles in the fleet has improved compliance with the rest period rules by 95%, and it’s just one of several impressive project achievements.

LoRa asset tracking solution to monitor railway construction wagons in Switzerland

Gotthard Handels AG, Switzerland

Nomination: Special recognition

LoRa asset tracking

Thanks to the next project, Railrental, a rental company from Switzerland, can forget about losing their construction wagons. The Wialon partner, Gotthard Handels, used Swisscom's LPN LoRaWAN as a network for an asset tracking solution, as it covers 97% of the population in Switzerland. Now, the wagon location data is always at hand and can be accessed by both Railrental and its customers. During the project implementation, Gotthard Handels had to solve several problems. One of the most significant issues was the absence of permanent electrical power on the wagons to ensure the long-term work of tracking devices. Read the case study to learn how the Wialon partner coped with the challenge.

Community choice

Community choice

The global telematics community made its choice. The project that got the most votes is Cold chain IoT solutions: last-mile delivery optimization. The solution has collected 324 votes, scoring 100 votes more than its closest rival. Hence, the project has won two nominations. Our sincere congratulations go to MaliaTec! 

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the vote and helped determine the winner. 

Watch the full recording of the IoT project of the year 2022: award ceremony on our YouTube channel if you weren’t present at the event or didn’t watch the live stream:

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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