Construction and demolition: the IoT project of the year 2021 participants

21 December, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

Telematics and IoT technologies are widely used to monitor special machinery during the demolition of roads and buildings or their construction. Wialon partners have to cover many diverse tasks when developing solutions for this industry.

How to choose a solution for a non-standard technical configuration of the machinery? Is it possible to prevent fuel theft or address poor network coverage? Learn how telematics integrators find answers to these questions from our selection of the IoT project of the year 2021 participants.


1.Fuel balance control in oil field service company

Montrans fuel balance control

Montrans has implemented a project for the Russian representative office of Calfrac Well Services Ltd. (CWS), a large oil field service company from Canada. The solution allows controlling the fuel filling of client vehicles both from refueling trucks and from stationary fuel reservoirs at remote locations.

The Montrans specialists developed a web application to compare the fuel amount supplied during a fill-up and the amount that got into the fuel tank. The client’s refueling trucks and stationary fuel reservoirs were equipped with fuel consumption controllers. The fuel charge will not start until the driver applies the ID card to the RFID reader. Thus, the client can see who is filling and easily detect underfills. Do you want to know how much fuel the customer saved thanks to the project? Read about it and find out other details in the full case description.

2.Fuel consumption monitoring in road rollers

76 Oil Tyumen fuel consumption monitoring

The Wialon partner, 76 Oil Tyumen, offered the solution that allowed the road construction company UNITRASS LLC, Russia, to control the fuel consumption in road rollers and the work of operators.

Considering the rollers’ operational specifics and technical features, the 76 Oil Tyumen specialists decided to equip machines with fuel consumption sensors with their own CAN bus. Reports in Wialon allow for real-time monitoring of the amount of fuel consumed.

Having at hand data on fuel consumption and engine operation time in various modes, the client can assess the technical condition of the roller and the driver’s work. By analyzing fuel consumption data, the client can understand under what conditions there is an unplanned fuel consumption increase and avoid such situations in the future.

3.Truck and special machinery driver control in Russia

76 Oil Tyumen special machinery driver control

76 Oil Tyumen is also behind the next project. This time, the Wialon partner developed a solution for GazNefteHolding LLC, Russia, which is engaged in excavation and assembly operations, and the storage of oil and gas products.

The main client’s requirement was the ability to control the work of drivers transporting valuable and hazardous cargoes. 76 Oil Tyumen offered a solution: telematics equipment collects data from vehicles and transmits it to Wialon, where the client can view it. For identification, the driver inserts the card into the tachograph or applies it to the reader. Thus, the client always knows which driver is responsible for the vehicle and cargo. Data from Wialon allows monitoring fuel consumption and speed limit compliance.

4.Improving the operation of telematics equipment in conditions of poor network coverage

76 Oil Tyumen network coverage

76 Oil Tyumen developed a project for GazNefteHolding LLC, a company specializing in the storage of oil and gas products. The company has already used Wialon for vehicle monitoring, but since oil and gas production takes place in remote regions, the transmission of telematics data to the platform was often problematic due to a weak GSM signal.

The 76 Oil Tyumen specialists offered to use 2 SIM cards at once instead of one to solve the issue. The navigation terminal was configured to switch between telecom operators depending on the signal quality. In this way, the periods of vehicle unavailability are reduced. Wialon receives the information about which SIM card is connected and colors the unit’s track in color assigned to a specific operator. So the client always sees where and which SIM card is connected and can use this information in further work.

5.Digital transformation of supply chain and fleet management, Egypt

CSG digital transformation

Cloud Services Group (CSG) developed a solution for Sky Logistics, the leading logistics operator in Egypt dealing with heavy machinery transportation. The client was looking for a way to automate the operation of their fleet and reduce transportation costs.

The CSG integrator offered a solution consisting of several components, where Wialon is responsible for collecting telematics data received from machinery; the Logistics application automates and allows monitoring the work with orders; Fleet Edge Master (developed by CSG) processes data from Wialon, and Logistics displays it in a convenient way for the client. The result of the project implementation is a significant delivery time reduction and shorter stops. Find the figures and details in the project description in our use cases library.

You will find even more IoT project of the year participants and not only in our use cases library. It contains examples of implementing telematics and IoT technologies across various industries.

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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